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Welcome to the board.

If you live in Macedonia, how did you ever get the idea to study German?
And if you liked oblivion i'd suggest playing fallout 3 as well, it's one of my personal favorites.

Anyway, be prepared to have an enormous to be read pile for the next 20 years, i know i do.
The idea of studying German came to me when I joined university. At first I decided to study English but I had to choose another second language between French and German so I choose German because I learn it in primary and high school.

No I haven't played fallout 3 but I hear it is great and hope to play it in near future.
It sounds like I am one of the oldest here. I am 35 years old, I live in Illinois (dont pronounce the S) and I have a 3 year old girl and a one year old boy. It's kind of weird to think of myself as old as the youngest of 4 boys and going through school a year younger than everyone. I guess time waits for no man.

I was an avid comic book reader from age 5 to age 12 at which point I somewhat abandoned reading in favor of sports and girls. BTW, it looks like a lot of old comic book writers are becoming great fantasy writers like Jim Butcher and Peter Brett. I always wanted to spend a weekend playing D & D, but I didnt have any friends that were into it so I never did. I coach American Football from time to time for fun and its one thing I find myself very talented at.

As far as video games I started playing on a commodre 64 computer, moved to an Intellivision, than Nintendo, then Sega, then Sega Dreamcast, then an XBox and now I have an Xbox 360 though I rarely play it anymore. Young kids leave little free time, plus most games bore me. There is a game called Civilization Revolutions that I find quite addicting.

I dont recall reading too much in H.S. In college I read a lot of political thrillers, Tom Clancy and the like. The last 3 - 5 years I have really been into fantasy and historical fiction.

I really like that there are people from all over the world on this site. Vangel from Macedonia, I have probably read a dozen books on Alexander over my lifetime.


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Hi Guys (and girls)

My name is Dale and I live in Perth, Australia but grew up in England. I'm 20 years old and have majors in physics and applied mathematics. I'm currently doing honours this year when I'm not playing rpgs or reading fantasy. My favourite author is Robert Jordan but like many people Harry Potter is what got me into loving fantasy books. Final Fantasy 7 is my favourite game closely followed by Final Fantasy 10 (I like western rpgs as well but for me, these two are the best). Otherwise I'm a big cricket fan and love to watch rugby (union) as well. I also like to have the occasional poker night as well and I'm not the biggest fan of talking about myself haha


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yep i live here!!!! UWA? hey... haha i'm at notre damn studying education. such a bad idea!!!! especially now that my bf is at ecu i really wish i hadn't opted to travel 40 mins to a uni and just went to ecu. although he does have a slightly better resume having studyed at curtin and started his phd at uwa so ecu won't look as bad. haha.... oh such snobbiness between unis.


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Haha what are the chances that two people from perth use the same forum!?

yeah I know what you mean, there's such bad blood between uni's it kinda gets on my nerves hahah. So is that Notre Dame in freo? I'm not sure if there is or isn't another one haha. I heard education's really good at Notre Dame - I have a friend there doing history teaching. haha but then again you said it was a bad idea so I'm not sure what to think but I believe in the history of bad idea's yours isn't so bad :)

So what kind of teaching are you doing anyway?


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i have a few frineds doing history teachin too. that would be wierd if we had the same friend. i'm studying secondary also. i'll be a drama/english teacher. hopefully only drama but we'll see. Nd is just bad because it's so small. the ed department is amazing (although i don't have a prac placement for term two yet) but the uni just can't offer enough courses for me to be happy with the drama/english side of my degree because of it's size. i'm 3rd yr now so only this one and next year to go so it doesn't really matter anymore. oh and i live north of the river so it's a 40 min drive in (at 1 in the arvo) which is part of the reason i don't attend as much as i should. small uni = crappy timetableing. a one hour class on one day means 3 hrs out of my dy. so mostly i just dont attend. much rather read my books and pretend i'm skipping becasue of uni work.


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I was actually thinking about getting into teaching but who knows - I'm so indecisive. Haha I kinda know how you feel, I hate going into uni just for one lecture, seems like a waste. I feel like the worst honours student cos I tend to read or something when I should really be researching :) Yeah if we had the same friend it would just go to show how small the world (perth) really is. What kind of english are you studying? general english? or literature?

Yeah it's a shame its a small uni but the campus itself is really nice, it has a lot of character


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grrh!! i have to study literature to teach normal english. so not relevant and at times so so boring! haha. oh and as for ND having 'character', i must agree. i love my ed building and it's little courtyard. the rooms just help me to day dream. how many people can see they take classes in old pubs?


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Haha I'm green with envy, the physics building at uwa recently had asbestosis removed so having classes in old pubs would be a huge step up


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asbestosis.. that doesn't sound very safe! although becasue ND is so old and flacky i'm probably breathing it in all the time and not even noticing... ok i don't even know how asbestosis really works. i just know it's bad. :oops: hehe


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Yeah I wouldn't exactly call myself an expert on the subject but it got removed from my highschool once and apparently it turns the air in your lungs into a concrete-like substance so I won't be breathing it in voluntarily anytime soon
Hi i'm dragonista :)
I'm so happy i stumbled accross this forum, i love all things fantasy especially dragons. I love discussing fantasy books and getting my nose stuck in a good series, perfect escapism! I'm female, married, 27, a nursery nurse............ erm...... hello!


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Hi dragonista, and welcome to the forum.

Hope you enjoy the time here. Be warned, though, there are actual dragons behind some of these doors. They're not the cute, cuddly ones like you saw in that animated movie whose name I cannot remember. These are vicious creatures. They will chew your head off if you, for some inexplicable reason, decided to smell their face. (I would really advise against this. Not just for dragons, but as a general rule in life. Don't smell people's faces. We don't like it.)
Hello. I saw the intro thread and figured I should make my first post an introduction.

I'm 25 years old, been reading fantasy/scifi since middle school and I'm always looking for a good book.

Favorite book series: Toss up between; A Song of Ice and Fire and The Dresden Files.
Favorite manga series: Too many to list, but I'll just put One Piece, Berserk, Rurouni Kenshin, Ubel Blatt and Full Metal Alchemist as my top 5.

Anyway, it's nice to be here.