Is this a typo or am I missing something?

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    Oops. Did I enter the Political Thread accidentally? :p
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    So kill them instead of have them have sex?
    Drastic. I like it :p
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    Just make sure Korbal Broach isn't nearby.
  4. MorteTorment

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    Personally the bigots that this still continues to piss off warms my heart! :D

    Part of me wonders if Rowling just randomly decided this after the books were over just to piss off people who already won't let their kids read the books because it's written "by a satanist."
  5. Silvion Night

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    So not liking the revelation that Dumbledore is gay makes you a bigot? :confused:
  6. MorteTorment

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    Ok, I think I get what you're trying to say, and well, no, it doesn't. Just like my best friend is very big on feminism, and has had more influence on me than anyone else on the planet. She's also a big Doctor Who fan, and hates that the Master is now female and so will the doctor. She thinks it's not making things less sexist, and she wants more new female icons altogether, not just for them replace male ones, as she feels that that's mostly what we're getting.

    However, there's a lot of UBER sexist men who these moves REALLY piss off, and I find it hilarious.

    Just like I find it hilarious that so many truly self-righteous assholes who find homosexuality to be "unnatural" still lose their fucking shit over this.
  7. Darwin

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    Her books are completely sterilized of any gay characters, to the point that their absence is unrealistic. She waited until her books were sold to tell us, outside the text of the books, that one of her characters was gay. Maybe most critics over this are bigots, and enraging them was the whole point. But another salient point is that as a best-selling author with a wide audience, Rowling could have actually advanced the conversation on gay rights at a time when it was desperately needed. At the time the series was written, gay marriage was illegal in the UK and throughout much of the US.

    To me this nonsense is just Rowling grabbing cred as a liberal thinker that is entirely undeserved.
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    Preach it, Darwin.
  9. MorteTorment

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    Oh, and just for the sake of clarity, I don't think that you're a bigot. I also think you're pretty awesome. I also wanna thank you for pulling me out of black and white thinking, and making me....well, make me actually think.

    On my sleeping pill, had a better idea on what I was gonna say, but it just kicked in. I'll say this. From what I've seen from twitter, liberal or no liberal, Rowling is not a good person. I just like that she did this one thing.

    Edit: this didn't post last night, so I'm posting it now.
  10. rudyjuly2

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    I loved that Reddit post about Shallan. She's not witty or clever. She's annoying. I warmed to her in the second half of book 2 though.

    I did not think she was bisexual while reading although I really don't care. I had actually thought Sanderson may have been setting her up with Kaladin but if she goes towards a woman it won't bother me. Sanderson is very PG rated and I think as a devout Mormon doesn't want to write sex scenes or anything confrontational. I'm fine with that. I prefer that approach to graphic sex scenes (gay or straight).
  11. MorteTorment

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  12. rudyjuly2

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    What are you upset about? The fact I don't care if Shallan is bisexual or that I prefer not having x-rated/graphic sex scenes in fantasy books? I love watching GOT but the show goes overboard with the nudity at times, particularly in the early seasons.
  13. MorteTorment

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    Note to self: Don't type WTF?!! or people will think I'm upset.

    I'm just shocked that Brandon Sanderson writes PG level books, that's all. Figured his books were dark and violent, sex or no sex.
  14. rudyjuly2

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    I've only read WOK and Steelheart which was designed to be YA (and the last 3 books of WOT). I do plan on reading Mistborn at some point. Sanderson really has his fans and critics but he's not dark or violent from the stuff I've read. Probably one of the more light hearted authors I would guess.
  15. Maark Abbott

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    No. They're light and fluffy (and in Stormlight's case, shite).
  16. Olli Tooley

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    Interesting read.
    As someone who, kind of accidentally, wrote a lesbian heroine, the different opinions expressed are very relevant.
    I am writing for adults but with younger readers firmly in mind, so have tried really hard to strike a balance between realistic sexuality (of 1st C BCE Romans, Celts, Greeks etc.) and keeping it PG (Anyone who knows their history can see that is a thin tightrope!)
    Mostly this consists of, metaphorically, closing-the-door before the sweaty heavy breathing stuff starts.
    I am also painfully conscious of being a privileged, white, middle-aged, middle-class, heterosexual male and not wanting to cause offence by writing badly about a lesbian Celtic warrior mage.
    I hope I have managed to avoid the worst stereotypes, and perhaps more importantly, have not simply written a female lgbt character to "tick boxes".
    Only others may judge.
  17. rudyjuly2

    rudyjuly2 Ran bridges next to Kaladin

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