It’s July 2018: What SF book are you reading?

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Not reading sci-fi myself, as I'm still on Toll the Hounds (Malazan).

How about you guys?


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I'm reading the blockbuster first novel in Neal Asher's new trilogy in the Polity universe, The Soldier: Rise of the Jain.


Journeyed there and back again
finished Hyperion ~ Dan Simmons

its really good. set up in the cliche structure of the canterbury tales (group of pilgrims meet up on a trip, and tell their stories of why they go, what happened in their past.) but this is one of the books that proves that cliches need not be bad, but can be really good.

the first three tales are all really good, each getting better, more unique and colorful, each falling to a deep set depression. the detective s tale, is jarring, misplaced, unwanted. suddenly out of no where we get a laugh track and a bright clear eyed tale. the ending (of this tale) makes up for it by putting us back on the morbid trail.

I removed one star for the ending of this book, it was awful. like really bad. it had no place in this book at all. NO i am not talking about the cliff hanger, I don't care about that. the actual state of the book could make for an intriguing stand alone. I only refer to the last two pages. just those, that offer nothing to the book but a stain of bad writing. they don't even change the ending. you can tear them out and have one fantastic beautiful book. (with or without a sequel). ARRRGGHHH !!
they all walk hand in hand off to the tombs, singing the wonderful wizard of Oz...
SERIOUSLY.... after that, I was looking for a Pie launcher between the last page and the cover. I expected Rick Roll to start playing, I expected Ashton Kuentchner to leap out behind me and yell "BUUUURRRNNN!" Or better yet, to wake up from my dream, or find tape keeping those last two pages in.

There is not one line, not one word, throughout the entire book that can be taken as similar or setting up anything remotely close to those last two pages.

I am reading Fall of Hyperion already, because despite the end, it was a really good book.


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Neal Asher's The Soldier was magnificent.If you read the Polity books at all you will love it. I just read Walter Jon Williams' Angel Station and it was magnificent. He is such a great writer. I highly recommend his first fantasy book, Quillifer, which isn't being mentioned here and should be.

I recently discovered a series of novellas that Robert Reed wrote in the Great Ship universe and they are great. The story lends itself perfectly to further episodes. Great Ship is by far the best generation ship series I have read.

I will soon be giving in to the high price to buy Spinning Silver because Uprooted was so good. And the final book in Christian/Miles Cameron's story of Sir William Gold's life in the historical novel series of The Ill-made Knight just dropped. While it has no magic it is perfect for fans of chivalry. Might be the best treatise of that genre as it misses no bases as Gold goes from clever London street urchin to something much more.

Forgot to mention that The Ill-Made Knight is now $3.99 in honor of the final book in the tetralogy.
From a review: "Christian/Miles Cameron has called this his best book."
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Journeyed there and back again
Finished Fall of Hyperion~ Dan Simmons

good wrap up, the writing style is very different, not near as good. ANNNNND it seems the poet has lost his unique voice. He now sounds like a generic whiny foul mouthed wuss.

can't say much about this without spoilers. it is a fine novel, not sure Ill be reading the next two...firstly since I don't own them.