It’s October 2018: What SF book are you reading?


Journeyed there and back again
Just finished The Last thereom ~Arthur c Clarke and Pohl.

this book got trashed by everyone, its really not that bad, but at the same time worse.

The book starts as a coming of age story of a Lankan boy dealing with love, loss, sex experimentation, abduction, and discovering a prooffor
Farmats last thereom. Its brilliant, well written, thoughtful, passionate and very easy to read .... for the first 75%.

the last 25% is all a political rant, wrapped in spy novel, wrapped in the same alien invasion Clarke has written a dozen tines, but this time poorly.

In the last book i read he explores sky hooks, space shields, and universal sufferage ( including cellphones and other computers, including all primates) in this book he explores, sky hooks, space olympics, alternative energy sources, and in the last few pages machine singularity.

Clarkes hatred for Americans is shown very prominently with the frothing at the mouth spy master, the belligerent president, and ridiculous notion of compulsory conscription. (book is 2008, the conscription army was started in 2014. I cant think anyone would be dumb enough to think a conscript army is a good idea in America.)
the alien invasion....was awful, like half finished ideas tacked onto the end of a book. i would compare it to adding 50 pages of aliens to the end of.... LotR, or great gatsby, or gone with the wind.

so definitely worth a read, just stop reading it when you get bored, it gets only worse from there.



Journeyed there and back again
The city in the stars~ Arthur C Clarke

tried 8 times now, im giving up.
i tried the original book, the rewrite, also traditional analog format, pdf, modern digital, and audiobook.
just not getting my attention.

i give up.

i hope i am eating through all the bad stuff he wrote and will finish off with all his best because right now im at 60% below 5/10.