It’s September 2018: What SF book are you reading?


Journeyed there and back again
been reading a lot since last week.
Nightfall~ Isaac Asimov, and ?
Earthlight~ Arthur C Clarke
Time's Eye~ Arthur C Clarke and Stephen Baxter
Sunburst ~ Arthur C Clarke and Stephen Baxter
Firstborn~ Arthur C Clarke and Stephen Baxter

Nightfall was okay. the beginning was good, but it dipped to okay a third way through the book and stayed there kind of subpar.

Earthlight was better, but just barely above okay, it was a spy like novel.

The Times odyssey is better than space odyssey. You can really tell which author came up with which segment.

Times eye reminds me a lot of The long earth as the earth is split into a patchwork of different periods in time.

The problem is that it turns into a bit of
time travel celebrity voyeurism. hey you just happened to encounter the most famous people in history...this time lets have them fight.
they do acknowledge it and explain it.

Part two. deals very little with part one, i wanted to hate it because i wanted to hear more about the patchwork earth. That wasnt going to happen, It was just too good. where it was obvious that Baxter took the lead in part one, Part two was Clarkes lead.

Part three was a back and forth between the two settings, and gave us plenty of satisfying conclusions. The Ending
was a cliffhanger, on a part three. intended to be the last the end i think i liked it but it took me a lot of angry raving to get here.


Journeyed there and back again
Settled on Peter Hamilton's Salvation, completely new story and universe after his spending a wonderful 20+ years on the galaxy spanning Commonweath series, which is the best sci-fi I've read. This new one is slow going as it's dense with new ideas and complexities and galactic locations. Slow is good.