It doesn't count for much, but I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this website.


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I think I've said this before, and if I made another thread previously I apologize. However, even if I did previously, I want to say it again. Though I haven't been on the forums as actively lately, I still pass through this website at least once every single day. (This is sort of embarrassing to admit and might kill the mood here, but most of the time I admittedly pass through on my iphone while I'm on the dumper or otherwise waiting.) But seriously, the number of amazing suggestions, reviews, and blog posts about amazing fantasy series has helped me more than any other literary community, magazine, or website ever did. Every time I'm on this website...I feel like I'm a little kid in a candy store. That, to me, is magic.

In fact, I'd have to admit that if I didn't frequent this website I would have given up on reading a long time ago. (Well actually, about one year...but still. That would have been a tragedy considering how many amazing books from this site I've read in this year alone.) So, thank you so much :p. This thanks goes for everyone. Not only is the website amazing, but I've never been a part of an online community that I enjoyed every contribution and post by every active member. Everyone here really has got a lot of class and respect, and that is very underestimated when it comes to communities on the internet.

Sorry if this seems random or something, but I really just wanted to say that since this website has done a lot for me over the last year or so. The fact it's always being updated is also a plus that always has me coming back. (Even the sister science fiction site is amazing.) I check this website just as often as I check reddit or Facebook, and honestly this website gives me a lot more productive information [I mean, reading books is much better than mindlessly browsing Reddit, right?] than just social media or random subreddits. Reading, for me at least, has become a lot more exciting and something to be enthusiastic about when I discover them through this site. So thank you. I hope you have a great day, and a great day after that....and a...well, yeah, I'm sure you get the idea.

Thank you!

P.S. It really doesn't surprise me Linower or whatever his name is stays on this site 24/7. If there's any site I'd like to be in a limbo for all eternity, this is it. For sure I'd choose this one.
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Yep. I'll second that. As I said previously, I read a lot of SF and fantasy up to 2001/2, and I resumed my serious reading 2 years ago. I found this site about a year and a half ago, and finally registered about 10 months ago.

Here is a partial list of writers I've discovered primarily because of this site and forums:

Joe Abercrombie
Steven Erikson
Glen Cook
Celia Friedman
Guy Gavriel Kay

'Nuff said.


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I agree. I check in at least a couple times a day since finding this place. I also use this as a way to decide what to buy next. Well, this place and whatever they have at my local Half Price Book Outlet for $1-3.


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Yeah, the feelings here are definitely mutual. I'm glad I'm not weird and the only one that feels like this. (I was expecting to end this a lot more awkwardly.)

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I check in when I'm bored at work. Definitely glad for the distraction. And would have been wandering around reading crap for the past few years if not for all the lists and recommendations!

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I tend to visit the site at least once a day if not more, it can get quite over the weekend though.

Like eveyone else I think this site is excellent, and a gold mine for good books.


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I found a lot of books via this site, but to be honest, I hardly check it for the main site lists anymore. Mostly if I'm trying to remember the name of something that intrigued me a long time ago, and that's usually in the bookstores themselves (btw, the advertisements allowed onto the main site have gotten VERY good at looking like official parts of the list). The rankings do seem to get a bit weird at times (<year old fantasy I've never heard of with one book so far is #5 on Best Epic Fantasies Ever, and stuff like that). I mostly come here for the forums. I like reading people's thoughts on books, and talking about the technical details of fantasy, theories, and yadda yadda. I'm registered on a few other fantasy forums that are bigger than this one, and they hardly ever seem to talk about the minutia of fantasy, and when they do, it's always ultra-PC and all about the consolation. There's personality and honesty on this forum, and I like it.


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I love this place too! I get super protective about it because it is the only place I can come and nerd out about fantasy! I don't look on the main site anymore. Just go from recommendations from what people are reading now or are excited about in the future. I love that it isn't PC and we have different tastes but I appreciate that for the most part everyone is nice about it. I think it is because of the dedication of @Jon Snow that we have such a great blog and the updating is @btkong all the way, but the awesomeness of the forums is US! So we can totes pat ourselves on the back for making and maintaing this great community.

Oh and I check in at least once a day!


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Yes, i'm just here only a short while ago and I too love this site. Recommendations, member ratings, hidden gems, discussing strong points and weak spots... I - like most of you guys - check in daily or even several times a day.


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I found this fantastic wonderland thru Google (what did we ever do before Google???). I wanted a couple books to read but wanted good ones. So I googled and found 4-5 sites which pertained to fantasy books. They were basically crap, hateful or just dead except for ours and I say "ours" now because I'm protective of it as well, like @Danica. Our site felt like home after just a few minutes of browsing and it is the only forum I hang out in.


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I am certainly still a newbie on this site and I am a member of about three fantasy forums that got my interest but I must say of the three this is the one that I keep returning to and travelling around. It certainly stands out from the rest.