It's 2018!! January 2018. What fantasy books are you reading?


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I'm 130 pages into Royal Assassin. Decided that this was going to be a Robin Hobb year for me. In 2016 I read and absolutely loved Assassin's Apprentice. My goal this year is to read at least her first 2 trilogies!


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I started 2018 with The Emperor’s Blades. I’ve only read 70 pages but good so far


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Nothing yet but I think I might kick things of for the 2018 with Stephen King's IT. I have an audiobook.
I really feel like reading this since I binged watched Stranger Things with my husband couple of nights ago. Both seasons lol

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Have you watched the IT remake? Its really really good .. watched it last week. Much better/scarier (and gorier) than the original.
I thought I'd leave it after the book. So I can compare.
I never watched the original either, it was before my time.

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I’ve been reading Oathbringer for two weeks and I’m only on page 728. Interesting but just makes me want to take a lot of breaks.


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Reading Sir Edric's Kingdom by Thaddeus White. Not quite hitting the mark, but entertaining enough to plough through.
Finished it. I think its got a problem with the MC never really struggling too much with his problems.

Now reading The Fifth Ward by Dale Lucas. Not quite hitting the mark but maybe entertaining enough to plough through. But maybe not. Its big problem is voice and tone and that is a killer. All the characters sound the same, by they hard-bitten copper or noble's son from the sticks, and none of them even sound that good.


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I am reading The Shadow of What was Lost by James Islington. I am about halfway in and it is good so far but not quite living up to the review:

"Love The Wheel of Time? This is about to become your new favorite series."

I can kind of sort of understand the comparison but it really isn't even close. Still a lot of pages left and even if it can't aspire to such lofty goals it is still good so far.

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I’ve been reading Oathbringer for two weeks and I’m only on page 728. Interesting but just makes me want to take a lot of breaks.
I set Oathbringer down a couple of weeks ago, about 10% of the way in, and haven't felt like picking it up again. It's not a DNF yet, but it has that potential.

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Now you all see the true zetsubou Stormlight exposure causes! I TRIED TO WARN YOU!!!!!

I'm 100 pages into Dancer's Lament. It's moving very quickly, but it's a fun read, and as my next book will be The Bakakkening II:IV, I think I need something light beforehand.


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I think I’m around 150 pages of Oarhbringer and it’s getting better for me. The fog of not remembering some things and frustration has left. I still dislike how Sanderson writes Shallan. She is supposed to be witty but is simply annoying when she tries. I still want to see more grey characters and not super goody two shoes. I do enjoy the flashbacks with Dalinar.

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Happy New-Year everyone! Been off having holiday fun with family and friends, so I've not been around the forum much the past 2 weeks. Back again with a vengeance though.

Yesterday I finished Orb, Scepter, Thrones by Ian Esslemont. I think this was probably the best Esslemont book so far when it comes to characterization. However, the story was lacking, the pacing a bit off, and the ending unsatisfactory. As such, I'm a bit torn on this one. I'll rate it with 8.0/10 though, because I still had a blast reading it.

Yesterday evening I immediately started on Blood and Bone, which is the fifth Malazan book by Esslemont. I'm already about 200 pages in. My daughter had a stomach bug and kept me up all night, with nothing much to do in the 15 minute intervals when she wasn't puking. :yuck:

The story has a brooding atmosphere, with lots of dark mysterious jungles and ancient temples. Strangely enough it made me think of the old Conan the Barbarian tales by Howard. Something different when compared to most other Malazan books, but I'm liking it!

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I've decided to kickstart my reading year after a hiatus with Red Country by Joe Abercrombie on audio that I still haven't read for some reason and Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowksi (Witcher #3 and the first instalment of the pentalogy). I'm only 2 hours in Red Country, but it's lots of fun already. I'll be picking up his short story collection, Sharp Ends, right after. And The Witcher is as wonderful as I'd anticipated.

I wish you all good reading this year! :)


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I decided to stop reading Fifth Ward because, honestly, there's really not a lot of good elements in the book. The fantasy elements are very underdone - the police procedural part of it lacked substance - world building was very much "Hint and Hope" - characters pretty basic - and the Tone/Voice, eesh.

Early vote for my wrong 'un of the year.


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I have just finished Memories of Ice which took me a very long time. Overall a fantastic read with some old favourite characters from GotM, some great new ones including the brilliant Lady Envy and a liberal dash of Bauchelain and Broach. On the negative side there was a long section in the middle in which not a lot happened but the layers of confusion were doubled, something that I didn't think was possible. I will be pondering this one for a while. After three short novels and MoI, I am going to have a break from Malazan for a book or two and read something that is easy on my brain. In a fit of nostalgia for my teenage years, I'm going with Terry Brooks, The Scions of Shannara. I can almost see the confused farm boy being given a mysterious sword before I turn the first page :cool: