It's August 2019: What sci-fi book are you reading?

Silvion Night

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I've just finished Persepolis Rising, book 7 of the Expanse series. Like the other Expanse books, this one was very well written and full of action.


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Posted this in Fantasy forum as well.

Finished a “Close and Common Orbit” - book 2 by Becky Chambers. This was a slow and disappointing sci-fi book for me. I assumed this was book 2 of a trilogy that was meant to expand upon the first book which I really enjoyed. But this was 99% a stand-alone book set in the same universe as the first book. Both books don’t really have a major plot which was my major complaint of book 1. I thought the first book was a setup for the future but instead they are just short stories in some ways. This book focused on two characters barely introduced in the first book and I missed the crew from book 1.

On its own this book is slow. It starts slow and with only two POV characters it could have used more variety. The second half was better and it finished well but I really wish it would have expanded on book 1.

3.5/5 rounded down to 3. I am taking a break from the series. Have no clue if the next book will continue anything or just be another standalone offering.


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I've finished the last two Endymion books. This is probably my favorite science fiction series. I just loved the concept and Dan Simon's style of writing is just my cup of tea.
If anyone has similar recommendations let me know. I'm terribly ignorant when it comes to science fiction. I wouldn't even know what genre Hyperion Cantos belongs to.