It's December 2017: What fantasy books are you reading?


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Started Kings of the Wyld. I couldn't resist it lol
So far really nice. I'm on chapter 6 only, but it's showing promise. There's plenty of humour, and the author is already making fun of fantasy tropes of heroes, mercenaries and adventures which bring glory to them. Here's what I mean:

“Tell us a tale, will ya, Clay? About when you did for that necromancer up in Oddsford. Or when you rescued that princess from … that place … remember?”

Which one? Clay wondered. They’d rescued several princesses, in fact, and if he’d killed one necromancer he’d killed a dozen. Who kept track of shit like that? Didn’t matter anyway, since he wasn’t in the mood for storytelling. Or to go digging up what he’d worked so hard to bury, and then harder still to forget where he’d dug the hole in the first place.


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I put down Witchwood Crown and Legion of Fire to read Wolf In Shadow , another thank you to Kalavan. It's great and I had forgotten these when I read the rest of Gemmell's bibliography. It's like my beloved Louis L'Amour western books but even more and a very dark world.


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I started to listen to The Steel Remains and the narration is perfect. Simon Vance is so good.
But the book itself is looking good so far. I like the writing style and the characters (so far anyway - I'm only 3 chapters in).
The atmosphere and the monsters reminded me of Garth Nix's original Abhorsen trilogy, which is a very traditional fantasy. First book was from 1995. In today's standards I suppose it would be considered YA, but it's not what I would typically consider YA.
The main class are Necromancers, so you can imagine the kind of monsters you would encounter in Abhorsen. The Steel Remains reminded me of that in atmosphere and monsters, only the MCs are older than in Abhorsen.

In any case, I think I'm gonna like this and I'm very happy about it since last epic fantasy I tried (Kevin Hearne's A Plague of Giants) was sorely disappointing and boring.
I finished the Land Fit for Heroes series a couple days ago. I love the whole thing. Hopefully you will, too!!!
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I finished the Land Fot for Heroes series a couple days ago. I love the whole thing. Hopefully you will, too!!!
I finished the first book and judging by how much I liked that, there's a decent chance I will like the whole series.
I plan to return to it after new year.


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Finished David Gemmell’s Bloodstone, the final and arguably best installment in the Jon Shannow trilogy, a brilliant and melancholic conclusion to an amazing series, surely one of his best works.
A surprising time travel-driven plot, that shows an unprecedented complexity of the main character, thus making of Shannow one of Gemmell’s greatest heroes.

Now, since 6 books with the word "thief" in their title apparently weren’t enough for this year, I’ve started Rob Hayes’ It Takes a Thief to Catch a Sunrise

Matticus Primal

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Now, since 6 books with the word "thief" in their title apparently weren’t enough for this year, I’ve started Rob Hayes’ It Takes a Thief to Catch a Sunrise
I read that one and thoroughly enjoyed it. Much different/ lighter than his grimdark pirate books, the first of which took finalist status at SPFBO a few days back if you didn't hear.

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Downloaded some obscure book to my Kindle. It’s called Deliverer Of Oaths or something and written by a guy named Branderson? Will share my thoughts. Plan to start either tonight or tomorrow. I watched excellent summaries by Daniel Greene on you tube about WOK and WOR and also read two other summaries and I’m glad I did!!

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Not sure whether this fits better into SF or fantasy, but I read "Kindred" by Octavia Butler.

Very powerful book. Started it yesterday evening and could not put it away until this morning 2 a.m. (instead of packing for the holiday trip, but well, there's still today to do that) ... will certainly look very closely into her other books!


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I've finally settled in with something good, The Monster War by Dave Duncan that was on sale a few weeks ago. It's an omnibus of the three King's Blades books that dealt with the rise of bad sorcery in the kingdom where all the books in this series occur. They all pretty much follow the life of a different King's protector in each book. They all get recruited from very tough living conditions in the kingdom as a sort of last chance to be someone. Most recruits are in their early teens, and if they make it through five years of training, they are the best swordsmen in the world and well educated as well. They are bound to the King in a very dramatic fashion which I won't give away. The King is a good guy who gets threatened a lot. These books remind me of the Black Company books. Highly recommended as quick exciting reads.

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Just finished Foreigner by CJ Cherryh and I am not sure how I feel about it. The style was very hard for me to read. Limited 3rd person in a very introspective, almost stream of consciousness style. I put it down after the first few chapters because it felt like it wasn't getting anywhere. There are 3 set-ups in the beginning that are hundreds of years apart. She throws you in there with references to politics and people that you haven't run into before and when you've just sort of gotten them sorted out you're 200 years later.

It's interesting in that the alien/human interaction is thru an interpreter who is supposed to be learning how to read the aliens. But it's so repetitive. The concept that you can't trust your gut reaction to an alien that doesn't think along the same lines is the basic theme. And is reiterated over and over. And the MC is such a wuss.

I went back to it because I really wanted to give it a try. But even the action scenes have these long passages of what if - should I shouldn't I - internal dialog that drove me nuts. But I finished it.


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Finished Heart of Veridon by Tim Akers.

This is the first book I have ever read with bad editing and I have to say, I didn't like it. Not really even sure how it happens but there were lines of the book where one characters quotes ran directly into anothers which made things mildly confusing at times.

Anyway, a lot of what I picked up in reviews leading up to this book were how interesting the world was and it didn't come across as anything special to me. Not that I am hugely motivated by world building in any case but that doesn't mean I can't have a general appreciation for something well done. Of the central cast of characters there was one intriguing one in the group but none of them were explored indepth and all feel flat. The plot had a minor bit of intrigue but felt sporadic and pieced together oddly. There were multiple factions but again, nothing was explored well enough to add weight or depth to the overall plot.

I have the 2nd book but I don't think I will be continuing at this point. A part of me knows I shouldn't buy books in advance but I love owning books lol.


And I recently decided to sign up on goodreads to help track what I rate things and I gave it a 2/5 on there.

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Finally finished Firebrand, ayyy. Onto Deadhouse Landing now.

Ryan W. Mueller

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Haven't been doing a lot of reading lately. I need to get back to it. I did recently finish Tech Mage by Chris Fox. It was a fun and crazy mix of space opera and high fantasy. Not the best thing I've ever read, but entertaining.

On another note, do we no longer have the ability to go to the first unread post in a thread? Or am I just missing that feature?

ETA: Never mind. I figured it out.


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Almost 100 pages into Oathbringer and I’m struggling with names and things that happened in the previous books. My memory is struggling. Really going to have to stop reading unfinished series. The recaps didn’t help enough.

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I’m exactly one week into Oathbringer. Only on page 394. It isn’t boring but certainly not a page turner so it’s been slow going. So how do I feel about the characters? I’ll put it in a spoiler though I highly doubt it needs to be. Better safe than sorry.

I used to like Dalinar a bit more than Kaladin. Shallan is a distant 3rd although she gets less irritating in each book. I always liked Kaladin although I like him even more in this book. He’s surpassed Dalinar who is too haunted by his past and I’m finding him kind of boring so far. I’m glad Jasnah finally showed up and I believe that is her on the front cover rather than Shallan (or Mary Poppins for that matter). I find Jasnah fascinating and hope to see much more of her. Waiting for Wit to appear soon.

So the book is pretty good 1/3 of the way in and the plot is moving along slowly but surely and I’m expecting it to get more exciting
before too long.

Anyone else having trouble keeping all the different orders of Radiants and Spren straight? Who belongs to which gem?

It is probably just me but in Mistborn I found it really stupid how people would eat iron shavings and whatnot like Popeye eats spinach for super powers. I think spinach is nasty but if given the choice I would put that down my throat before a vial full of tin shavings. Never could keep those metals straight either. Well, it’s a creative magic system regardless.

But all that aside, I feel this is a really good series.

Also, getting food from rockbuds just seems too far out there. I’m ok with the lawn withdrawing into the ground whenever it sees a weed whacker but I’m not OK with anger spren, embarrassment spren, confusion spren, happy spren, fear spren, cat that swallowed the canary spren, and horney spren. I do love Syl and Pattern is OK. I also love the characters of bridge four.

I think I’ve read about people complaining that Sanderson doesn’t do a good job with female characters. Perhaps I’m confused (news flash) but if people do see it that way I respectfully disagree.

I’ve said it before that while IMO Sanderson is an excellent writer I don’t feel like his shit don’t stink. You read some of these reviews and it’s like many people orgasm when he is mentioned. For some reason I always feel like these are people under 21. More than other writers I hear him referred to by his first name “Oh, Brandon this or Brandon that”. Like it goes without saying. Yes, when I hear “Elvis” or “Liberace” I think we can all automatically assume it’s “them”. By the way, even the Federal government accepted his tax forms with no more than “Liberace” on them. Then again, how could they confuse him with anyone else with an annual income anywhere in his neighborhood?
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I'm on page 611 of winterbirth, so I'll finish tomorrow morning .

really my first epic heroic fantasy that I've finished. I'm sure there will be those I like, as sure as I'm sure I will not be a huge fan of the subgenre. it's mountains better than game of thrones.

mostly because it's well written and lacks sentence fragment chains.

still a good story with very Scandinavian feel mixed with a northeast native American feel.

I'll start bloodheir next year.