It's December 2018: What fantasy book are you reading?


Journeyed there and back again
Yeah, it's nice, but it just reads too much like Jorg/Makin/Prince of Thorns 2.0 - Mark Lawrence is the only author besides Raymon E. Feist who has managed to plagiarize himself point by point. :p :D
Hello sir! May I tell you the good news about David Eddings?

... that cheap shot aside, I guess not reading Prince of Thorns helped me. I don't read Sanderson either, so I've not had too many travelogues recently. That said, I read a bunch of wayfaring quests as a kid, and they never annoyed me then. Has the writing of them changed, or have I changed...

... one thing I would say is, don't set your travelogue in medieval Europe with the serial numbers filed off.


Journeyed there and back again
Paint me intrigued! The Amazon blurb is a little bit vague though, what is it about, tropes-wise? Pirate ships and naval war( judging from the cover)?
The naval aspect is a secondary background defining the time of life of one major character and it's not that important. It's about three characters developing, two in very harsh and bloody circumstances and one as a member of royalty in a land far from the first two. Coming of age stories reflecting very different circumstances yet extremely severe experiences for all three. They all begin to develop into meaningful characters in their respective worlds with the only commonality being how difficult and bloody their individual stories are. They grow from nobodies to somebodies quickly and each story is fascinating and unique. I'm having a hard time with this as I try to never give anything away beyond background. They all heavily influence their respective worlds, one as an incredibly dangerous yet brilliant antagonist, one a victim of life's many tragedies and one who finds difficulties while trying to become a significant player in his otherwise entitled world.

As I mentioned the prose is wonderful yet nowhere is it wasteful of available story space. Sparse and to the point.

Basically it is about warfare that all three become involved in and which is going to lead to their meeting and their overwhelming influences on their worlds as they approach these coming together events.

So the tropes are coming of age and warfare and clashes of civilizations.


Journeyed there and back again
Sounds great! Thanks for the detailed explanation, I'm TBR-ing that one for sure. :)

I'm currently reading The Night Circus, Riyria Revelations book 6 re-read and The Shining Girls.

I must say - The Night Circus is beyond awesome. I find myself really impressed by a book less and less often, but this one is the real thing. Such a mesmerizing wintery read, so full of everything that's good in this genre. 11/10 so far!