It's December 2019: What fantasy book are you reading?


Journeyed there and back again
19k words in a day? I hate him. HATE.

I tried to read Paternus and okay, I was rushing a little because I wanted to finish more stuff before the end of the year, but I got 20% in and just felt bleh. Did finish Empire of Sand which was interesting but not great for me.


Journeyed there and back again


Journeyed there and back again
Still hate him.

I finished Age of War, third book of Michael Sullivan’s 6 book series but apparently it’s more like two trilogies merged together so this book did have a decent conclusion although it’s clear it’s meant to continue. I really enjoyed the book. I liked the characters and world although much like his other Riyria books it remained on the simpler side. Not a complex story which could be a bit predictable although not having a massive number of characters and oodles of side plots to remember can be nice too. I would give the first 3 books a solid 4/5. The second book was probably the weakest for me and I had been hoping for more of an epic fantasy.

I guess if I’m waiting for the next Wheel of Time or GOT it’s a bit too high a standard. And while I had issues with WOT in terms of it being much too slow in books 7-10 and a bit too high magic (the Ways) to go with old school Trollocs, it was a serious, detailed and well written series imo. The Way of Kings could be really good if book 4 rebounds after a weak book 3 imo.

I may pause with this Sullivan series until both final books are released this year. I may try Sci-fi but I’m waiting for Starsight to arrive at my library. It says on order but the book has been out for awhile. I’ve had the first hold on it for over 6 weeks. Ive spent enough money on Kindle lately.


Journeyed there and back again
My reading has been down a little in 2019; I only read 13 books. I don't have as much time anymore as I used to and what didn't help either was a reading slump at the start of the year. It was a struggle for me to finish the Three Body Problem series. It's not that I outright hated it, but it wasn't interesting enough either to finish it quickly. I finished book 3 at the end of february, ... and my next book after that only halfway june. I then got back into the mood and I finished 10 books in the second part of the year.

I've now started Leviathan Wakes, Expanse #1 ... I'm really liking it so far