It's early 2018 and already I've grown as a fantasy reader in a huge way. You're not gonna believe what I'm reading.


Hired Nicomo Cosca, famed soldier of fortune
How have I grown? Well i've got about 25% left of the one book in the world that I was positive wasn't for me, and while I've got a couple personal problems with it, I think most of it is solid gold?

What book you may ask? Well I'll give a few hints. It's by my favorite author, It goes into huge detail on its magic system, the types of magic being categorized by colors. The main character is fat and his "father" steals the show.. And the book is the first title in the series known as LIGHTBRINGER MOTHERFUCKERS!!! :D

I demand to know which one of you went back in time and had Brent Weeks change the book to where I not longe recgonize the book that made me quit reading for like a year! Was it you Tom? This is the kind of prank that you'd pull off! :p

Seriously though, I remember reading 25% of the book, with the focus almost entirely focused on Kip, and his abusive mother, not focused on Kip and Gavin, with 3 other characters that we get the pov of. And it's just so damn good!

Feel so happy!