It's January 2019: What fantasy book are you reading?


Journeyed there and back again
I've started Assassin's Apprentice. This is my first Robin Hobb read.
I just looked and you're going to get a big break on the prices, assuming you continue.


Journeyed there and back again
I think I have couple of more days with The Stand, and then I decided to go for the next book he wrote, The Dead Zone. Just yesterday I discovered that there's a movie directed by David Cronenberg and staring Christopher Walken. I don't know how I never knew about it, since Walken is one of my favorite actors of all time. But I somehow missed it.
So, I'm gonna read the book first, then watch the movie.
There’s also a tv series based on the book dating from 2002. I’ve seen several episodes but never saw the whole series. It has been a while but i liked it