It's June 2019: What sci-fi book are you reading?

Silvion Night

Sir Readalot
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I've just finished Expanse book 3 and started on Expanse book 4 (Cibona Burn). Again, it's setting up to be a great story. I am really taken with these Expanse books and I'm wondering why on earth I haven't read these sooner.


Journeyed there and back again
That's great! IMO the best books are yet to come. And you timed it perfectly, only 1 more book to wait on. My top 3 are #5 #7 and #8.

I took a reading break a little over a month ago but got back into it now with Ready Player One. Never did read it despite hearing such good things about it, did see the movie though, and really liked it actually.

After that it's going to be some heavier reading that I can't dive into during school.