It's March 2017. What fantasy book(s) are you reading?

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Silvion Night, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. Silvion Night

    Silvion Night Sir Readalot Staff Member

    I'm still reading the Science of Discworld part 1, although I'm currently focusing on the gripping sci-fi book Wool. How about you?
  2. rudyjuly2

    rudyjuly2 A Poet of the Khaiem

    Finally finished book 6 of WOT and am on to book 7. Book 6 started too slow but the second half was much better. This was the first time I had a hard time tracking all the names. There were so many Aes Sedai names mentioned that it was hard differentiating them. Most probably aren't a big deal but it wasn't easy.
  3. Jakyro

    Jakyro Journeyed there and back again

    I'm still reading MBotF 6 - The Bonehunters. I'm currently on book4, with chapter 19 almost finished.
    It's taking me a long while to finish this, but that doesn't say anything about the greatness of the book. It's one of my favourites in the series so far and there's still 200 pages to go and a lot to happen.
  4. Alucard

    Alucard In the name of the Pizza Lord. Charge! Staff Member

    Last 50 out of those 200 should be the best yet, if Erikson's track record stays true. So if you are loving it now, the ending should be a cherry on top.
    I don't know how he does it, but he blew me away with every ending, even for Malazan books which I didn't like as much.
  5. kenubrion

    kenubrion Journeyed there and back again

    I'm just finishing A Waking Fire.
  6. Andrew.J

    Andrew.J Hired Nicomo Cosca, famed soldier of fortune

    I've recently finished listening to Dead Beat by Jim Butcher. Polka will never die! is all I have to say. This is my favourite Dresden Files book I've read so far. I won't be starting the sequel just yet, though. I've decided to take a short break from the series for the fear of burning out and opted for something short and non-committal to listen to - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. I've never read it before and it's only 6 hours long, so it's a pretty safe bet I won't start missing Dresden while reading it. :D

    I'm also continuing the eternal struggle of balancing my personal and compulsory readings. I read a chapter of The Blood of Elves (Witcher #3) earlier today and it seems I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the book. I'm pretty sure I'll finish it soon. It's no good to leave a book unfinished for so long.
  7. Sneaky Burrito

    Sneaky Burrito Crazy Cat Lady Staff Member

    The ending was certainly something. Probably one of the only Dresden books where I can actually tie the events to the title (all the rest just sort of run together).
  8. Andrew.J

    Andrew.J Hired Nicomo Cosca, famed soldier of fortune

    I haven't encountered this just yet. It's still very fresh in my mind. Although, I do struggle sometimes trying to remember in which books exactly certain characters developments took place. Especially when I can't tie the events in the books to anything specific in real life because I'm listening to the audiobooks (which are great) and it's always just me sitting on the bus or walking someplace.
  9. Darth Tater

    Darth Tater Journeyed there and back again

    I liked (didn't love) the Dresden books and Proven Guilty was on and off my TBR forever. You guys have motivated me to buy book 8! Will probably get to it no later than in May. Maybe it will all seem fresh. I spread the earlier ones out a bit but not enough. I just hate paying $10 for a 428 page book. Hey, the first 7 books cost me $14.77 total incredible one day deal in 2014. I never buy an entire series but had to risk it. I did that recently with The Old Man series. Both worked out well.

    It isn't the money. Getting books cheap is a game to me. I don't make reading resolutions as far as reading X number of books each year like some people. MY resolution is always to finish a book once I get past 20-30 pages and/or I PAID for it and it is beyond the return date. So if I got a FREE classic and had it for 6 months and didn't like it after 20-30 pages I can return it.
    Very quirky. :wacky: <---OCD :D
  10. Giv9

    Giv9 A farm boy with a sword

    Kite Runner
  11. Maark Abbott

    Maark Abbott Journeyed there and back again

    Finished Mage's Blood. 7/10; it had some flaws but for the most part was a good, enjoyable read.

    Read Attack on Titan 19 yesterday. 10/10; that was easily the best issue yet and I find myself desperate to read issue 20. There's one scene in particular
    detailing exactly HOW Marco died
    which was grimdark as fuck - when you get an Annie scene involving conflict, it's always incredibly convincing.

    Now onto The Broken Eye.
  12. Peat

    Peat Journeyed there and back again

    Muddling through a mix of The Spirit Gate by Kate Elliot, the Journeys anthology from Woodbridge Press, and The Blue Mountain by GR Matthews.
  13. GreyMouser

    GreyMouser Journeyed there and back again

    Can't wait for the Attack on Titan anime to come out later this year. Haven't read it yet but I think I'm going to have to read the manga.
  14. Maark Abbott

    Maark Abbott Journeyed there and back again

    I'm explicitly reading the manga as S2E1 drops on 01/04. I get the feeling that the anime will end around issue 20. The first season was great and actually didn't deviate from the manga at all - it just expanded certain scenes to ensure it made sense on-screen.
  15. TomTB

    TomTB The Master Tweeter Staff Member

    Started Clash of Iron (Iron Age #2) by Angus Watson. It's pretty much started off where the last one finished, i.e. utterly fantastic.
  16. Sneaky Burrito

    Sneaky Burrito Crazy Cat Lady Staff Member

    I am reading this right now, too.
  17. Kalavan

    Kalavan Ran bridges next to Kaladin

    It took me much longer than expected – an extremely busy period in RL couples quite poorly with what is probably the longest novel I’ve ever read – but I’ve finally managed to complete To Green Angel Tower, a merely decent conclusion to the amazing Thorn, Memory and Sorrow series.
    The book was good, but nowhere near as good as the first two installments, the wonderful depiction of Simon’s growth took a turn for the worse with his pining for Miriamele, the princess who – infuriating and self-centered as she was - I ended up liking perhaps even more than our MC.
    Still two amazing leads, definitely the strongest point of the series, together with the world-building and Williams’s style.

    And in spite of the massive length of the book, the ending felt a bit rushed and unsatisfying, I’ve heard quite a few jokes during the years about Williams’ prolixity, but I cannot think of any part of this book that should have been scrapped, the book should have been instead at least a hundred pages longer, or the whole series split in 5 books.

    Anyway, it was definitely a worthy and fascinating – if at times a bit tiresome – journey, now looking for something much quicker and action-packed. A Gemmell, perhaps …
  18. Bierschneeman

    Bierschneeman Journeyed there and back again

    The history of middle earth part 6
    The return of the shadow. ~Tolkien

    Also still reading light fantastic~Pratchett but that's only ten pages at a time when I mill grain at work so it's slow going.
  19. Alucard

    Alucard In the name of the Pizza Lord. Charge! Staff Member

    Sabriel has been a pleasant surprise. I think any fan of classic fantasy would like it at least. It's also a bit darker than I expected, with parts of successfully mixed in horror elements. For a book that's been published in '95 I think it aged well.
    Tim Curry has done a marvelous job with voice acting. He does a cat voice perfectly.
    So what's it about?
    It's about an ancient evil, ancient lost empires, father-daughter relationship, talking cat that is not really a cat, the dead (as in spirits and zombies) and of course necromancers. Like I said. Classic.

    I've been on a necromancer kick lately and I'm really digging this fantasy archetype.
  20. Bierschneeman

    Bierschneeman Journeyed there and back again

    What other necromancy books?

    I love tim curry, he's never done a bad role IMHO.

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