It's November 2017: What fantasy books are you reading?

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by kenubrion, Nov 1, 2017.

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    I couldn't check the "puissant" thing on Google while reading, since audibook and I just assumed it's some borrowed French medieval period word for powerful. :D And there's the problem I was talking about - so many people and creatures in the book are puissant, that you have no idea about their actual power in regard to one another. And it's always the main bad guys who are way over-powered for some reason. And why weren't the Wild showing their puissance in the earlier books? It just doesn't scale well from book to book, so the reader is kind of forced to accept it and move on.

    About your spoiler:

    I think that Helewise is mentioned to be alive in Albenkirk or whatever it's spelled, when we get the Squire's( its commander) POV. If I remember correctly, she even gets a bit of omniscient POV time in the same scene. So I've just assumed she is well and her people too, since she isn't thinking about the disaster from our last encounter with her story-line. I cannot remember the "She died a long-time ago" remark you've mentioned, but it's probably from her POV mere moments before Peppa and her boy get attacked, Helewise contemplating here mental/emotion state at the moment, etc.

    As for the wardens... I cannot find the picture I was looking for, so here's the next best thing:


    I've always imagined them as a wingless, more bird-lizard-like version of the above.

    Their head being something like:

    With a bit more predatory take on the beak.
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    Still reading Sins of Empire. about a third of the way in it started to get some awesome combat scenes. Here's a "clip."

    The words acted like a signal, and everyone seemed to fly into motion at once. Palo poured from the alleys, weapons raised, war cries on their lips. She let the first one run straight onto her blade and then jerked it with the strength of a powder mage, disemboweling him instantly, spraying gore into the eyes of his companion, whom she cut down as he tried to wipe away the blood. She flipped her pistol around in her left hand, ignoring the way the barrel burned her already wounded palm, and slammed the butt across the temple of another assailant while her sword worked in the opposite direction, opening the throat of a fourth.

    And here's the best part of the book so far. Warning: it's both a spoiler, and kinda long.

    “Fight?” I asked. “You can pry this out of my old, crippled hand.” I gripped the Argonian Dagger with my mangled hand and his boz knife with his good, and put his weight back on his right leg. He’d barely fallen into a stance when the dragonman suddenly leapt forward.

    Styke had fought a lot of quick men in his time, from duelists to bona fide assassins. But he’d never seen someone cover twenty feet in the blink of an eye like that. Kushel’s axes rose and fell, the left swinging down from overhead, the right swooping in for Styke’s belly.

    Styke surprised both of them by catching each blow on a knife blade, then blocking a second and the third. Kushel recovered quickly each time, pulling back to strike with the speed of an adder, each new attack coming with independent precision that would have marveled Styke had he the time to be impressed. All his focus went into reacting, catching, and redirecting, and for almost twenty seconds he fell back beneath a flurry of blows, unable to even manage a riposte. Kushel scored cuts across Styke’s arms and chest, and Styke barely managed to keep them from biting deep.

    Styke knew he was old and out of practice, but wondered if even in his prime he would have been able to match Kushel’s speed. Only the weight of the weapons – Kushel’s heavier, more cumbersome axes against Styke’s knives – allowed him to keep up at all. The attacks came on relentlessly, each hit seemingly more powerful than the last, and Styke’s crippled hand began to numb from the effort of blocking them.
    That all changed when a twinge in his wrist fouled a block, and Kushel’s ax bit into the bone of one of Styke’s fingers. He released his grip on the bone knife with a yell of dismay, watching it fly into the dust ahead of an arc of blood.

    The next strike came for his unarmed left. Styke snatched the ax by the haft and turned his fighting knife to pass beneath the blade of Kushel’s other ax, allowing the blade to draw a long, crimson line down his arm. Kushel tried to stretch the advantage, pushing his ax into Styke’s chest, but Styke did two things at once:
    First, he slammed his forehead into Kushel’s nose. Second, he twisted his knife and drew back. The blade slid along the polished bone haft of Kushel’s ax and, with a final jerk, severed Kushel’s thumb and four fingers.

    The dragonman reeled back, stunned, but even with a destroyed hand managed to dodge Styke’s next thrust. They each had one good hand and one weapon now, and Kushel jammed the stubs of his fingers against his side to try to stanch the blood, doing it all without comment or cry, which in itself was more than a little unnerving. He came on hard, ax crashing against Styke’s knife, working inside Styke’s guard with both blade and haft, leaving Styke’s chin and chest bloody and bruised.

    Styke’s own crippled hand was slick with blood, and each time he tried to catch Kushel’s ax it slipped out of his grip until he finally managed to hook it with his knife and pull back.
    Kushel had learned that trick, and this time let the ax go instead of losing his fingers. He suddenly dropped low, kicking at Styke’s knee. Styke grunted, unable to keep himself from toppling into the dust, trapping his knife hand beneath him as Kushel leapt on top of him. Kushel’s bloody finger stumps were suddenly thrust in his face, the blood stinging his eyes, and Styke grasped blindly for something – anything – until he wrapped his fingers around the lip of Kushel’s blood-slick armor.

    He used the grip to roll Kushel beneath him, freeing his arm, and pressed the point of his knife firmly against Kushel’s armor before using every bit of his strength to shove through the tough leather.
    Kushel gave a choking sound as Styke pushed the knife to the hilt against his armor, yet still the dragonman fought on, weakening blows pounding against Styke’s stomach and face. Styke let go of his knife and grit his teeth, grasping Kushel by the head and pulling him close. “Stop. Fighting.” Kushel spat a mouthful of blood.
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    Finishing up A Dance with Dragons

    In my review of A Feast for Crows I mentioned how a book can be forgiven for not progressing the plot as long as there are still interesting characters to follow. A Feast for Crows followed mostly characters I don't care much about so that hurt it along with the slow progression of the plot. In Dance there is more of the slow moving plot but at least it had more interesting characters to follow. The problem is that the plot still really is sooooo slow in moving along. So it is slightly better than Feast but still not on the level of the first 3 books.

    I have a bigger knock and a smaller knock I was thinking about while reading. The bigger knock I have are the wasted POV's like Victarion and Asha. We get enough of Stannis, Melisande and the red god stuff through her POV's or Jon or whomever. And here they add in Asha to almost no effect other than updating us on the Stannis stuff but there is really no significant content there. I can say similar about Victarion. We are getting his travels towards Dany and all of that could have been skipped of favor of him just arriving at some point when it becomes relevant. We don't really learn anything from his travels and it is mostly mundane. My smaller knock is about how Martin chooses to name the chapters. I say it is small because it isn't difficult to identify who the character is once you are in but come on man, you have so many damned characters and you choose to name chapters by nicknames instead of simply stating who the character is. The Ugly Girl instead of Arya or The Queens Hand instead of Barristan. Just completely unnecessary and adds nothing to the story.

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    Alucard, Giovanni, Tom, and Darwin, all 4 of you owe my a huge apology for the pain you're causing me to go through right now. :p

    You all have played a part in encouraging me to go through and read 20 previews for either the nominations for the goodreads fantasy book of the year, or the first book of the current book that's the candidates of the books of the year.

    Why'd you have to reply to the topic and engage with me there? If you hadn't I wouldn't have found Brian Mcclellan's Sins of Empire, which is the best book I've read in years. :p

    Because of you, I've been going through it slowly, taking my time trying to absorb as much as I can instead of speeding through it like most books because it's more complex than most of the books I read. I've spent around 18 hours on this book, reading about 6 hours a day for the past 3 days. It's made me so happy.

    Now you might be wondering, what's the problem? Well I'll tell you what the problem is. I've only got about like 15% of the book left, but my brain is all pooped out from reading so much that I can't properly read and absorb the book correctly right now. ANd I wanna know how it ends damnit! Oh, the torture! :p

    Seriously though, thanks you 4. If none of you had replied, I probably would have given up on that little project, and I probably never would have looked into any of those titles!

    Feel like I've grown so much as a reader this year, it's so cool!
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    I have just finished The Wurms of Blearmouth which I enjoyed for its crazy humour. He writes the short novels very differently from the main Malazan series but I like them. I am now about to start Memories of Ice :)
  6. MorteTorment

    MorteTorment Knows Who John Uskglass Is

    Oh god, Sins of Empire was so fucking awesome! One of the best books I've ever read!

    On a side note, the final book for Empire of Storms comes out this month, yay!

    Edit: Tried Reading The Bear and the Nightengale, but ater the first 2 paragraphs it just seemed to kinda waste my time. It's really not worth being the top 50 books of the year.

    Twelve Kings in Sharakhai (The Song of the Shattered Sands, #1)
    seems a bit more promising. not a high priority read, but I definately wanna get to it.

    Checked out the preview for Traitor's Blade (Greatcoats #1)

    Found ot to be hilariously awesome, put it on my top priority list!

    Never felt happier to be a fantasy novel fan!
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    Darth, I'm not ignoring your question but that's still ahead of me. I was wondering if the story would get back to her.
  8. Darth Tater

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    Ok. I won't say more.

    I just completed Waters And The Wild by the forums own Jo Zebedee. I left a review in the Waters Thread in the 2017 published books section. I hope people are giving it a shot. I know SB left a nice review on Amazon and Kenubrion started that thread but I hope others
    check it out if they haven't already. IMO, a fun, suspensefful and quick read that is done quite well. As of now it's reduced to only 0.99 so what have you got to lose? Read the sample pages. The book pretty much continues on that path.
  9. kenubrion

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    You got me wondering too and I checked and mine is there. I'm not kenubrion there.
  10. Darth Tater

    Darth Tater Journeyed there and back again

    Yeah. I'm glad yours went through. It sucks because this is really good stuff, IMO, and reviews are especially important to up and coming authors. It just isn't fair to Jo. I have no clue as to why this happened.

    Let me take a stab at it. You're "Captain? I'm guessing that because I'm almost sure I remember a "Captain" reviewing Alan's book. Plus process of elimination makes it easier. I still could be wrong though. :)

    I keep wondering which one it is? the lady or the tiger ? ( those who read the book know what I mean). I hope it is one thing (the lady) but all the evidence, from my perspective points the other way (the tiger). Anyone who hasn't read it I hope you give it a shot. I connect with very few female authors but Jo won me over. Sequel?
  11. jo zebedee

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    I think the lady and the tiger are so in balance even the author isn't 100% sure ;)

    No sequel I don't think but I am trying to find an agent for a similar project - this time with more of a mystery feel. I've had a few bites so we'll see :)

    My Irish stuff seems to do okay- Inish Carraig is my best seller (and best regarded) by a long margin. (Although Abendau (sprawling Space Opera) holds its own, too)

    It's great when people review and spread the word. The writing word is just a mass of voices these days - without support it'd be a tougher place :)
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    Bingo. And I avoid rating at the end of books for the reason you are caught up in, as it just posts the stars without providing a mechanism for written review.
  13. Darth Tater

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    I did not know that but I think she did not even get credit for the stars.
  14. Darth Tater

    Darth Tater Journeyed there and back again

    I think subconsciously the author was thinking the lady even though the author does not realize it .:p That is the only ammunition I have to debate with the author!!

    The thing is, I thought it was the tiger the entire way. It never even occurred to me there WAS a lady. Same thing happened to me with a very popular series. Except I still take the opposite position from the one I am taking on this book now. ;)
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    I am reading the Grisha series by Leigh Bardugo. Finished the first two books yesterday. I think they are YA, but not bad for what they are.

    One irritating thing, though. With the first one, Kindle version, I was 57% of the way through and it ended. It was a complete story at that point, with appropriate beginning, middle, and end, but what in the world does the publisher hope to accomplish when fully 43% of the file is extraneous crap that's not part of the story? No, I'm not going to read all of that. With the second book, the actual story ended at 63%. With the third book, we shall see.
  16. kenubrion

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    I finished the great The Fall of Dragons last night. It was fantastic. The ending surprised me. I can't get specific without spoiling. Helewise must be OK. Anyway, all storylines were wrapped up. The second half of the book was way interesting and totally new stuff kept happening. The book started with a huge battle and just didn't let up.

    It's the last book (isn't that right?) but it seems that a sequel could be written. I hope so. Since this series was such a huge success for Cameron, I feel confident he will do more epic fantasy along with his historical fictions. I just started his third book in the Ill-Made Knight/Chivalry series as Christian Cameron, titled The Green Count, and I highly recommend this series for anyone who likes his writing. It's a mostly-accurate tale of the fourteenth century chivalric conflicts in Europe and Egypt and the holy land, told about a fictional character as the protagonist who takes part in everything.
  17. Darth Tater

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    Yeah, it's supposed to be complete. HOWEVER, there are also two short stories. The Messengers Tale 1 a prequel to The Red Knight and The Messengers Tale 2 set between The Fell Sword and Tournament Of Fools
    (whatever the hell THAT is).
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    When I finish Book 2 of the Red Knight (Traitor Son) I will be reading Oathbringer. Just hope I haven't forgotten too much! Over 1200 pages!
  19. kenubrion

    kenubrion Journeyed there and back again

    It will be fun to discuss it all when most people have had time to read it.
  20. Sneaky Burrito

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    The Seventh Decimate by Stephen R. Donaldson. It was just released today. I am finally able to walk on the treadmill after my surgery (at a lousy 2.o mph) and so I will probably breeze through this.

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