It's October 2017 - What fantasy books are you reading?

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by kenubrion, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. MorteTorment

    MorteTorment Knows Who John Uskglass Is

    Hehe, yeah, I know she's playing with her food before she devours it.

    And yeah, thanks. it is my birthday!
  2. TomTB

    TomTB The Master Tweeter Staff Member

  3. MorteTorment

    MorteTorment Knows Who John Uskglass Is

    Thanks buddy. wasn't having a good one earlier but I'm having a good time now.
  4. joco

    joco Possibly a Darkfriend

    I just finished the Faceless The Takeover this is a new release. If you like the dark fantasy and sword and sorcery genre you might read. This is a shapeshifter story with very interesting plot. The main character not a usual shapeshifter who take over animals form. He want rule a duchy, so this is something different and exciting.
  5. Nuomer1

    Nuomer1 Ran bridges next to Kaladin

    My birthday too - but it is being postponed, since I have a near-terminal cough and my wife has a common cold to a degree that is distinctly not common.
  6. ExTended

    ExTended Hired Nicomo Cosca, famed soldier of fortune

    Tell us more.

    And Happy Birthday, Morte!
  7. GreyMouser

    GreyMouser Journeyed there and back again

    Happy Birthday Morte! And get well and then have a Happy Birthday celebration Nuomer1!
  8. HeroineOfCanton

    HeroineOfCanton Firsthanded the newest Caine adventure

    I'm making my third stab at finishing Queen of Fire. But my hold on Steel Remains just came in at the library. Should I switch?

    Non-fantasy reads this month at work are Dracula, which I'm a bit more than half way through and enjoying, and next week I start Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff.
  9. Sneaky Burrito

    Sneaky Burrito Crazy Cat Lady Staff Member

    Well they are very different books. I enjoyed Steel Remains a lot more. Queen of Fire honestly felt unnecessary. That series would've been better as a duology. Also if you have tried it twice and dropped it, maybe it is not for you. (There is only one book I've tried to read three times -- Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco. I did finish it the third time and sort of wish I hadn't bothered. The Name of the Rose, it isn't.)
  10. HeroineOfCanton

    HeroineOfCanton Firsthanded the newest Caine adventure

    I think I'll probably start Steel Remains later today and see if it takes my fancy. I guess I just want to know how the story that started so well with Blood Song ends. Guess I could just go read the Queen of Fire thread here and find out. :D

    ETA: Name of the Rose is such a good book!
  11. rudyjuly2

    rudyjuly2 A Poet of the Khaiem

    I personally think Anthony Ryan needed the third book simply because the story wasn't finished. But I was very disappointed in the Queen of Fire after loving the first two books (especially the first one). The third book rating takes a massive dive on GR (3.65 vs 4.47 1st book, 4.19 2nd book). I've never seen a trilogy score drop that much for the final book.
  12. HeroineOfCanton

    HeroineOfCanton Firsthanded the newest Caine adventure

    Wow. OK. I think I'll just read what happened and not read the book. Steel Remains, here I come!
  13. Cyphon

    Cyphon Ran bridges next to Kaladin

    Queen of Fire was pretty bad. Felt like a 2nd book and wasn't very satisfying as a closer. I was a big fan of the first book but have argued while I enjoyed it more you might be able to call the 2nd one objectively better. Book 3 doesn't even belong in the conversation.
  14. Darth Tater

    Darth Tater Journeyed there and back again

    Completed book 2/5 of The Shadow Campaigns. I really like the characters.
    Book 1 < book 2 so hopefully book 3 > book 2
    I'm a bit confused with the epilogue but it will all come out in the wash. An interesting lesbian relationship but tastefully done and it IS essential to the plot.
  15. HeroineOfCanton

    HeroineOfCanton Firsthanded the newest Caine adventure

    Listened to almost half of Steel Remains yesterday. Loving it.
  16. Silvion Night

    Silvion Night Sir Readalot Staff Member

    Just finished Night of Knives by Esslemont. I liked this book. It is probably the weakest Malazan book I've read so far, but I would still rate it with a 7 or so. The return to the Malazan world just felt awesome. I've ordered Return of the Crimson Guard. For some reason there was not a single copy available anywhere in the Netherlands (the rest of Esslemont's books are not sold out; weird that), so it has to be shipped in from abroad. I hope to receive it later this week. In the meantime I'm reading the biography of Johan Cruijff, the most famous Dutch football player ever (I have the hope -probably an idle one- that some of his genius will rub off on me...)
  17. rudyjuly2

    rudyjuly2 A Poet of the Khaiem

    I don’t know why the Red Knight didn’t include a map. And while the author added a map to late books apparently I swear the directions are off. Albinkirk is east of Lisen Carak and yet the book reads the opposite unless I’m confused. Just staying away from the map for now.
  18. Silvion Night

    Silvion Night Sir Readalot Staff Member

    Yes it sucks. I also noticed that. The editing is also terrible. The story and characters are great though, so I've learned to ignore the negative parts.
  19. kenubrion

    kenubrion Journeyed there and back again

    There are maps in the following books, right?

    I just finished The Golem and the Jinni. What a great book. Helene Wecker must be good with just writing one book. At least it was a classic.
  20. Silvion Night

    Silvion Night Sir Readalot Staff Member

    Yes there are. The relative positions of sites in book 1 don't coincide with those shown on the map though. At one point the characters travel from East to West -I believe from Lissen Karak to Albinkirk- while on the map Lissen Karak is West and Albinkirk lies to the East of it.

    Anyways, in the later books these kind of discrepancies disappear. Don't let it put you off @rudyjuly2, it's a great series.

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