It's September 2017 - What fantasy books are you reading?

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by TomTB, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Buffy V Slayer

    Buffy V Slayer Knows Who John Uskglass Is

    I found this too. The beginning where Simon is hanging about the castle is a bit slow, but once the "adventure" portion starts, it really picks up. Until then, Simon will do quite a bit of "mooncalfing" as the other characters will repeatedly mention in the first bit of the book. lol.
  2. Cyphon

    Cyphon Journeyed there and back again

    Got to The Red Wedding in A Storm of Swords today and man, it still has a visceral impact on me even when I know it is coming.

    I am very much a person who reads for enjoyment but I was noticing today how in longer series I am starting to appreciate what all has happened over time with characters as opposed to the here and now. For example, Caetlyns POV's are very much mopey and annoying a lot of the time but if any character should be that way it is her. Good lord does Martin just dump all over this woman with bad news and bad situations throughout these books. So I guess what I am saying is, even when I don't enjoy her POV I can respect how the character is written. Like, if she would have been written any differently I am not sure it would be believable. I am surprised she didn't off herself at some point.
  3. Darth Tater

    Darth Tater Journeyed there and back again

    Tomorrow I begin The Thousand Names (The Shadow Campaigns series). I'm not sure why I put this on my TBR. It is #60 on The Best Fantasy Series list but it doesn't sound like something I would particularly enjoy. I guess book 2 goes urban. Yuck. Steampunk, flintlock, and deserts. .Ho hum. Lots of battles. Now you're speaking my language. I never see people discussing it. Again, why is this on my very pickey list???
  4. Jakyro

    Jakyro Journeyed there and back again

    I'm still reading Dust of Dreams (MBotF 9) and I'm still enjoying this a lot. I understood that this books is often viewed as one of the lesser books, but I'm still not seeing it and I'm on page 1005 by now (still 280 to go).
    It's definitely an improvement over TTH which was a difficult read for me ... probably my least favourite one in the series.
  5. ExTended

    ExTended Hired Nicomo Cosca, famed soldier of fortune

    I am going through the first book of Patrick Ness' YA trilogy - it's probably more Sci-Fi than fantasy and that's just one of the reasons which keeps me wondering how could it have made its way into so many fantasy recommendation places.

    His writing is a mess. The narration of the audiobook is also a mess. South accent, places with fast-paced/hurried panting narrating trying to bring more tension into the story... pathetic. The writing itself isn't helping either - rumbling non-sense sentences or paragraphs are all over the place. And I don't think the storyteller in the book could be described as a sane narrator. That's not how 14 years old people think to themselves, that's just not how people think. If you go and purple prose mad thought patterns just to make your work sound erratic and complex, you deserve being called on it. If I didn't know better, I would've placed a bet that the author have never been a 14 years old person, but that's just not the case obviously.

    What an annoying presentation of an otherwise sound story idea. And Nick Porehl... thankfully he only got the chance to ruin the US audioversion of The Kingkiller Chronicles. Now I am ever happier with the A+ job Rupert Degas did with the UK edition
  6. TomTB

    TomTB The Master Tweeter Staff Member

    Not sure how far I'm into Shadows Linger by Glen Cook, because I'm reading The Black Company omnibus edition on my kindle, but I recon I must be approaching the 40% mark, and it's absolutely brilliant. Thoroughly thoroughly enjoying it.

    Obviously very pleased I carried on with the series after having mixed feelings about the first book .. they're quite different, aren't they?
  7. Cyphon

    Cyphon Journeyed there and back again

    Just finished A Storm of Swords

    I was definitely curious to see how I compared this one with GoT given that in the past I had rated GoT higher. I think I am going to swap that stance now. I would say chapter for chapter Game of Thrones might be better but Storm of Swords just has so many great moments that stick with you. And not to be overlooked are the Jaime Lannister POV's. The growth from the beginning of the book to the end is smooth and well done and enjoyable to read. I particularly like when he calls in all of the Kings Guard to question them and get them in line. Anyway, fantastic book.

  8. Maark Abbott

    Maark Abbott Journeyed there and back again

    TTH is the Malazan slog of slogs. Erikson's father passed away during the writing process for it, hence the abundance of morbidity and the morose feeling it carries. When you finish Dust, go straight onto The Crippled God. Technically DOD is TCG part 1, so you need to do it as a job lot. And get ready to feel some feelings.

    I'm about 200 pages into Firebrand proper now, and the story is starting to kick in. We have an epic quest! It's not quite KNIGHTBROOOOOOOOOOOO in the way The Tamuli was, but it should be quite a fun romp. The issue of Karigan's mirror eye comes up quite a lot and Britain has done a good job in creating for her character a genuine conflict of interest with it. I'm interested to see where the story goes, especially as Karigan can't remember a lot of what happened during Mirror Sight - the audience knows that there's a big bad to stop, but the main character can't remember, because the events of the future technically didn't even happen. Cheeky.
  9. Darth Tater

    Darth Tater Journeyed there and back again

    Glad to hear it worked out for you. But I'm curious.It seems like 50% of the time Kindle books don't have page numbers. Grrr. But I don't ever recall one not even showing percentages. Maybe it is due to the omnibus factor and I did run into that problem after all?
  10. TomTB

    TomTB The Master Tweeter Staff Member

    It shows page numbers and % in my version, but of the whole omnibus, not the individual books. I can tell you exactly how far I am into the trilogy ;)
  11. stenney

    stenney Will likely be killed by a Lannister soon

    just finished:

    The Crimson Queen
    The White Tower
    (neither of which i have seen mentioned here yet)

    in the middle of:

    The Waking Fire
  12. kenubrion

    kenubrion Journeyed there and back again

    stenny, what do you think of Waking Fire so far?
  13. stenney

    stenney Will likely be killed by a Lannister soon

    i am enjoying it. a very cool society and concept. it kinda is bordering on a steampunk vibe, they have guns, and some tech, but very steampunk-ish. not really a magic system, but the idea of some people getting 'powers' from dragon, or drake, blood is new and fresh.
  14. Darth Tater

    Darth Tater Journeyed there and back again


    I think you have Omnibus #1 (Black Co, Shadows Linger, and the White Rose)? which both Amazon and "Goodreads editions" list as 705 pages. Supplied with more info currently at your disposal, I BELIEVE I could tell you how long Shadow Linger is and almost to the page where you are in that particular book. Under THAT format. :D Pain in the butt though.
  15. Anti_Quated

    Anti_Quated Hired Nicomo Cosca, famed soldier of fortune

    I found my progress quite seamless even with a short break between first and second readings, but perhaps that's just me. Cook seemed very comfortable with his stylistic proclivities in the Books of the North and moving South did little to discourage me from this perspective. Glad to hear you stayed the course and are reaping the immense payoff accordingly.

    I've picked up The Gunslinger to make my foray through King's apparent Fantasy opus. I want to like it but so far it reads uncomfortably like a crude, disposable Clive Barker novella or some such. It's done little to whet the imagination thus far, so hopefully it improves, elseways I hazard Mr King's immense effort is one I'll not enjoy.
  16. Darth Tater

    Darth Tater Journeyed there and back again

    I would never suggest that someone continue a series if they didn't like the first book. I can only tell you that a lot of people who read the series (myself included) felt that book was really weak. I agree that it does nothing to whet the imagination. Things don't connect. I am not sure he found his voice and direction yet. It really is not the type of book I would usually enjoy. It gets interesting in the second book and I think things really take off in the third. But I also believe that once the train starts rolling (double meaning ) it is truly clever and imaginative and a series that will never blend in with others.

    Once (if) you get sucked into that world it will always stand out in your mind and you will vividly recall many scenes. I completed it around 20 years ago (whenever the last book came out) and it's still a part of me. I'm not sure I've ever totally left that world.

    Clive Barker is pretty scary. I never saw any real horror in Kings book.

    Whether you will enjoy it or not I have no idea.
  17. Bill Door

    Bill Door Listens to The Unbeliever whine about life

    I finished The Tower of Fear. I have to say that I think that this is my new favorite novel from Glen Cook now. Very enjoyable.

    I'm now going to reread Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn so I can read the new trilogy. It's been about a dozen or so years since I originally read it so I need to reacquaint myself with it before jumping into the solo book and new trilogy. I'm curious to see how it will hold up as it was early on when I started to get into fantasy that I read it. I loved it back then, but it's been so long and it's so foggy in my memory that I couldn't really give details as to why anymore.
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  18. Alucard

    Alucard In the name of the Pizza Lord. Charge! Staff Member

    I'm listening to the last installment of one of my favorite UF series. I completely forgot that it was supposed to come out in September, and I just saw it by chance. That audible credit has never gone faster toward a book :D
  19. Jakyro

    Jakyro Journeyed there and back again

    Actually, I’m currently reading MBotF and ME intermingled. If I follow the proposed reading order when reading both Malazan series, it says that ‘Orb Sceptre Throne’ should be the next book to read. I assume there are some events/outcomes in OST that will be mentioned or refered to in TCG.
  20. paul james

    paul james Mixes poisons and sharpens knives with Kylar

    I read the Patrick Ness YA trilogy a couple of years ago after geeting them as presents. They are quite lightweight compared to other stuff but fun none the less. I read the third book right after I finished GOTM so it made a really nice contrast.

    Gunslinger does start slow and I can see why people are put off Dark Tower however it is really short and book 2 introduces two excellent characters so if you can read the first two. Though it is 8 books long the first 3 books are not that long in page count.

    I am currently nearing the end of MOI and have just read a very sad part. Love this book and series but emotionally packs a punch.

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