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I'm guessing we have a few Daredevil fans here. That show is pretty darn amazing.

So is anyone else here going to watch Netflix's next Marvel show?

It looks like another sure hit for sure, and it also has one thing that I think might make it even better than Daredevil.... David Tennant - Villain!



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ooo. first I'd heard of that. I'd watch it. As long as its not too maudlin, too much of the "jumping at shadows" thing and not enough per episode plot would turn me off.
thanks for the heads up...


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Goddammit! About 20 years ago I taught a kid called Jessica Jones (normally abbreviated to 'JJ' to separate her from the other Jessica in the class who was commonly known as 'SS'). When I saw this subject header I thought she had shown up here.
I am so disappointed - she was a bright kid!


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Don't know if you guys watched this in the end but it was pretty good! Started slowly but picked up pace well and David Tennant's character was awesome!!! So creepy!

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I was a big Dardevil fan and I liked Jessica Jones just as much if not a bit more. I agree, Purple Man played by David Tennant was an amazing dark villain.


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Both netflix series are by far the best Comic adaptions I've seen so far.
The are mature, dont play the case of the week element and especially the cast is amazing. I mean Ritter and Tennent were both so awesome in JJ. I'ts a different leauge they play in, compared to Arrow, Flash, Gotham, Shield and so on...

The only caracter I did not like that much was Luke Cage. So I'm curious if I'll watch his series...


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It's hard to find a series with such a satisfying ending. Everytime I think about it...:D


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I watched 5 or 6 episodes. Honestly didn't hook me, not at that point anyway. I think Daredevil was better. Bloody amazing really.


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I've seen it. I thought it was a tad too long, but solid 1st season. I like that they are going grimy and dark with this. It suits JJ's character as she is basically a reluctant hero who first needs to deal with her own destructiveness and past trauma. She's a piss poor at heroism, and would sneer in your face if you called her hero in the first place. That's great honestly, I'm glad we are seeing something like that on Netflix, because I was certainly up for an female "anti-hero" on TV screen.
I liked her friend as well (Patsy), and I recently found out she's a hero called Hellcat who's apparently known for her antics in Hell's Kitchen? I don't know man, I wanna see more of both of them. Bring it on. I mean meow.