Jonas Flash Chronicles

Hi guys! I have a fantasy book and I'm looking for some honest critique/reviews. It's a five book fantasy adventure series and on the middlegrade genre. It is independently published on amazon.

Here's a brief description:

Jonas Flash Chronicles: Book One Stormdragon (An epic fantasy adventure)

Dragons are more fun than Algebra. And epic battle scenes are easier to manipulate than the arguments in Jonas’s kitchen.
In real life, Jonas’s sister Emma babbles nonsense from her wheelchair. But in Jonas’s world, she is the moonstone bearer and the only person capable of restoring the Stormdragons to power. He weaves a tale of jarring action, fascinating creatures, heart-pounding battles, and loveable characters that may be just what he needs to save his sister and his family.

If anyone is interested, send me a message! Thanks a lot! Looking forward to your feedback!