June 2017: What fantasy books are you reading?

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Silvion Night, Jun 1, 2017.

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    You are probably one of the very few who've liked Tower Lord better than Blood Song. I felt exactly the opposite - in my opinion the second book changed too much of what was awesome in the first one, like the story-within-a-story element, Vaelin being the center of the narrative, cohesive plot, etc. For me the next two books were too much world-building and trekking, the story went all over the place and very little of it made sense in the boundaries set by the first book and I just don't like when a series veers too much of what it promises to be in its first book - that's one of the main reasons I don't rate The Demon Cycle by Peter V. Brett too highly, he started of with cool medieval setting and conflict, and then the consecutive books just segwayed into arabic themed soap opera. Same here - strong, concise start, investment into the main protagonist, and then a barrage of side-characters turned main characters with mostly meh story lines. It's my personal opinion though, I can understand how someone could not agree with it.

    But as I am now reading The Red Knight series, from which I've finished the 2nd and started on the 3rd book - it's exactly the opposite approach. The author introduces a galore of characters and forces you to deal with it, and eventually you learn to trust him with this kind of story-telling, and to even like it, where Anthony Ryan started in one style and finished in a completely different one, not delivering very well on his initial tone and premise when it came to the sequels.
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    While I rated it .5 higher, I am not sure I definitively liked it better than the first. I just think it improved on certain things from the first. Blood Song has the training and bonding of the brothers which I really enjoyed, but with Vaelin as the only POV the book lacks a lot of tension because he is basically infallible. With Tower Lord, every character isn't like that and they add an element that was missing in Blood Song. And as I said, they also explored the Dark a bit more which was something I was looking forward to.

    If you think it didn't delivery on the quality you expected I can't say anything to that, but as far as the plot "promises", I think it had to kind of go this route in order to expand on who the enemy was and give us a broader view of everything. If it had stayed strictly with Vaelin I am not sure exactly where it could have gone from there. And maybe we just had different expectations but I really like the Demon Cycle series all the way through as well. None of the latter books match the first but the first was REALLY good. The rest are still intriguing IMO, if not quite as good as the first.
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    Well good luck with book 3 in the Blood Song series. The first two books were both great.
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    Although I read them all and some multiple times, I agree that the Rincewind POV is the least awesome. But Interesting Times and Eric are worth the read as other characters carry the story.
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    Finished book 11 of the WOT and just starting book 12 which was now written by Brandon Sanderson.

    Book 11 was solid. A definite improvement over books 8-10 which were filler and often boring. I wouldn't say there were a lot of "wow" moments in this book but I enjoyed it except for the Elayne sections.

    I felt the Mat parts of the book were the best. His relationship with Tuon had some of the best scenes in the book. I've always liked Perrin although the rescue Faille story line didn't quite live up to the hype for me and felt more like a filler story line when it concluded. I do want to see what happens to Elayne's mom. The one thing it did set up though were relationships with the Seanchen, much like Mat. I'm assuming everyone will grow relationships and join in at Tarmon Gaiden at the end (and no - I don't need any spoiler answers!). The breaking of the White Tower has drawn out too long and too many side characters were introduced in this story line although it did get a bit more interesting.

    I am looking forward to Rand kicking Taim's butt eventually. He's developed into a nice villain that hopefully will be exposed sooner than later.
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    Yeah, ironic that Jordan found his storytelling chops again then passed.
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    I've just finished Cold Days (Dresden Files #14). I thought it was quite amazing. Doesn't come close to Small Favor - my favourite book in the series by far - but still very enjoyable, the book finale (4 hours long on the audiobook!) was, as usual, wonderful. It brought the book a couple places up the DF list I keep. Some of Harry's more introspective moments made me realise just how much time has passed since the beginning of the series. Things are very different now. I kind of miss his old wizard detective days, though, anyone else? Going to start Skin Game soon. Some of my favourite characters are finally returning.
    What are your guys' favourite book(s) in the series?
  8. Sneaky Burrito

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    I read them all in a row and mostly can't distinguish one from the next. I do remember enjoying the final action scene in Dead Beat.
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    Finished the trio of novellas in the Arts of Dark and Light series by Vox Day, and began Summa Elvetica: A Casuistry of the Elvish Controversy (Arts of Dark and Light Book 0), the precursor to the two novels so far in the series, A Throne of Bone and A Sea of Skulls. Brilliant and heavy duty grimdark epic fantasy. You may not have heard of this series but you will. He has been a Hugo finalist three times and Sea of Skulls may put him over the top. He is an accomplished and prolific author, having published a couple dozen books of fantasy, fiction and religion.
  10. Sneaky Burrito

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    Reading Four Roads Cross by Max Gladstone in paper. This is the fifth Craft Sequence book and is basically a sequel of the first one (Three Parts Dead). But I'm not very far along yet. It seems to have more action at the outset than Last First Snow, which I just finished, so that is good.

    On Kindle, I am attempting to read City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett. I say "attempting" because every time I pick up this book at night, because of the time of day, I fall asleep after a few pages. It is not that I don't like the book -- I think there are some very interesting ideas and I am a fan of mysteries in fantasy settings -- it's just that I guess 10:30 PM is not a good time for reading when I've been up since 6 AM.
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    Interesting that you're reading both of those at the same time. I've read the first book of each (and really enjoyed both), and there are a lot of similar ideas in them. And, yeah, I'd recommend not reading when you're that tired.
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    I liked the book but did not love it. There isn't a ton of action in it so I can see how you might fall asleep. The main character isn't a super exciting person. I do want to eventually read the second book but I am in no rush.
  13. Sneaky Burrito

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    Well, I will put the series aside for a bit (once I finish the first book) to read R.S. Belcher's latest, which I also bought this week. Long holiday weekend for me (I don't have to work Monday so it's a 4-day thing) so maybe I will get some reading done during my waking hours.

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