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Myles Alexander

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Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce you to my novel "Knights of Eternity: In Search of the Great Dragon".
It's the first of two books in "The Forgotten Prophecy" series, which in turn is the first part of a trilogy.

The story centers around King Alectorious of Eternity and his struggle against the Gomercian empire,
which is threatening to engulf all the lands with its tyrannical rule. Outnumbered and outflanked, the city of Eternity is all that stands in the way of Gomercia's total domination of the known world. Inspired by an ancient prophecy, the Eternian King embarks on a daring quest into the icy peaks of the great Buvarious Mountains with his loyal knights, in search of a long-lost mysterious dragon - believing this immortal being alone can now save Eternity.
The King allows nothing to stand in the way of achieving his lofty goal; enduring ambushes, snowstorms, avalanches and harsh mountain climates. Along the way, the group of travelers encounter many curious characters - an oracle, mysterious forest dwellers, giant cave men and old hermit in a mysterious river valley - all of whom play a significant role in the Eternian's mission.

While "Knights of Eternity" has everything you would expect from a fantasy novel such as epic battles, dragons, mountains, castles and knights, it also has a philosophical or even spiritual element, which is seen in the king's reflections of life, nature of the world and universe, the further he travels into the forests and snowy peaks of the Great Buvarious.

I have included links to my Amazon page and website for excerpts and photographs of places inspirational to my writing. Just below the two links, I've included some short chapter excepts. Naturally, I would appreciate any constructive feedback you might have. Hope you enjoy!

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"Knights of Eternity" excerpts:

From the chapter: "THE HIDDEN VILLAGE"

As the King approached, Sandros moved closer to the river’s edge, staring deeply into the mystical stream of transparent blue liquid before his very eyes. He swirled his hand through the crystal-clear waters, feeling the essence of life itself flow throughout his body and soul, seemingly unaware of the king’s presence. Alectorious silently knelt close by as Sandros casually turned to face him. The forestman was quite unphased, turning back again to look deep into the waters, as if the king were not there at all; silent as he collected his thoughts and feelings.
“The river of the great forests, such a peaceful journey it follows; like watching life itself passing before your very eyes. It twists and turns… ebbs and flows… slowly but surely finding its way onto that ever-elusive path of destiny.” the enigmatic Catharian pensively remarked, expressing his hitherto unseen philosophical side. The king listened with utmost intrigue, sensing Sandros had yet more of his hidden wisdom to impart.
“It moves so gracefully, through any obstacle one places upon its path; all the things it must overcome…. you can try and block it, but seems always… somehow… to find a way. Such is life… is it not, Alectorious?” Sandros asked, almost rhetorically. The king simply nodded, mesmerised as he looked similarly into the crystal-clear blue waters flowing gently on by. There was not a word he could disagree with; it was truly the perfect analogy...

From the chapter "REIACTUS AND THE KING" (The Great Dragon Speaks)

"I remember an age now long past when man and dragon lived in such harmony together, the very mention of sword and spear unthinkable. It was an age when every sun was an adventure of wonder and discovery to be held by all, far beyond anything one could even possibly imagine now. Man and dragon would lie peacefully together in the bright valley meadows, listening to the sounds of forever through the bristling sacred trees and softly-flowing streams of pure life and love. They lived every moment to its fullest in unequalled bliss, with not a soul ever in need or want of anything at all. It seemed this heavenly age would last forevermore, before the invisible winds of change dramatically swept across the lands; leaving not town, village nor soul in the known world untouched by its harrowing menace. Something inexplicable had happened, that no-one could explain yet all feel, right into the deepest depths of their souls. The world began to change; people became scared, mistrusting of their neighbours and once-companions. From these feelings of fear, a desire for wealth and power over others was inevitably born. Slowly, as man’s heart grew weak and temptation strong, the Age of Harmony slowly began to slip away; the benevolent dragon went into hiding forevermore and the gods descended from their celestial paradise in the heavens to protect those who were weak, from those who thought they were strong. And so from that happening henceforth to this very sun, the dark ones have ruled over these once-benevolent lands. They ever so mistakenly now believe that men of good hearts are at their weakest; and will seek to corrupt them to achieve their ambition of rule over the entire world. It is a goal they shall never achieve and is something they deep down know - but will never accept. It is at this critical moment of the darkness’ false confidence that men of good hearts must reach into the eternal reserves of courage and fortitude, to shatter the misguided illusions the dark ones have tried in vain to create. It is now the moment, Alectorious, to trust and believe like never before - and follow the bright path of destiny that was laid out for you, so many countless eons ago. You must fight with every piece of your heart and soul - and with all the strength the Great Spirit allows.”

Chapter excerpt from "UNDER THE STARS"

Before long night had fallen and a myriad of starry constellations swept gently across the mysterious night sky, sparkling brightly like precious diamonds in a bounty of great treasure. The Eternian adventurers had gathered around a small cozy campfire, warming themselves from the cool mountain night air now permeating the surrounding thick forests. Alectorious sat nearby his companions, resting peacefully against an ancient tree-trunk; most probably fallen from a powerful thunderstorm, many moons ago. He looked up into the giant trees above as birds intermittently chirped and branches swayed in the gentle breeze, in complete wonderment of this magnificent creation of the gods and Great Spirit. Alectorious felt an inexplicable, mystical presence that he had never before; a deep sense of connectedness with the forests and surrounding natural world. It was the first instance he had ever dormed in the vast wilderness under the stars - and would be an experience he would no doubt long cherish.
Alectorious looked beyond the swaying tree branches to the innumerable stars in the night sky above, marveling as they shone through the swaying treetops above. He began to reflectively wonder what these shining beacons truly were - and what manner of beings could have created such a phenomena. It was as if it were the gods themselves watching over this courageous band of souls, protecting their every step into the distant uncharted mountains. Alectorious was thoughtful as he silently gazed into this endless sea of shining light, contemplating all that had transpired and would soon be on this most grandiose quest. He wondered where this intrepid adventure was ultimately destined to lead and if it would prove to be all he had hoped and dreamed.


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Lovely, thanks for sharing and good luck with your book!

If you stick around and become an active member of our little forum, I'm fairly sure some of us will read and review your book .. a lot of our more regular members are fantasy authors, just like yourself, and they have had some great responses to their books from other forum members.

Myles Alexander

Helped Logen count his fingers
Lovely, thanks for sharing and good luck with your book!

If you stick around and become an active member of our little forum, I'm fairly sure some of us will read and review your book .. a lot of our more regular members are fantasy authors, just like yourself, and they have had some great responses to their books from other forum members.
Thanks for the encouraging words Tom, I really appreciate it. I will be sure to spend some time around these forums!- Myles