Knights of Eternity: An epic fantasy series

Myles Alexander

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Hi everyone,

If you're looking for some good fantasy reading over Christmas, why not check out my "Knights of Eternity" series. I've included a blurb the first two books just below. Hope you enjoy!

"Book 1: In Search of the Great Dragon"

Inspired by an ancient prophecy, King Alectorious and his valiant knights embark on a daring quest into the mystical Buvarious Mountains in search of a great dragon, believing he alone can save the nation of Eternity in their struggle against the tyrannical Gomercian Empire.

In defiance of the High Council, the King and his men finally set off for the towering snow-capped peaks in the distance, knowing they risk much in their lofty ambitions. Along the way, the Eternians encounter all manner of obstacles to test their resolve, skill and belief in each other to the very limit - uncovering countless secrets of their enchanting world and its mysterious past from all those they meet, challenging their perceptions and everything they ever believed in.

As more astonishing revelations come to light, the journey soon becomes a search for not only the dragon but for themselves, who they truly are and why they are alive on this spellbinding world, with its sweeping valleys, enchanting forests, towering castles and captivating snowy peaks. As they reach out to the heights of the mountains as equally depths of themselves, the courageous Knights of Eternity race against the sands of time, knowing that not only their own fate but that of the entire known world rests precariously in their hands.

"Book 2: The Fight for Freedom"

Following their epic quest into the great Buvarious Mountains, King Alectorious and his valiant knights rally the people of the northern known world for a pendulum battle with the tyrannical Gomercian Empire.
Realising their help will be crucial to the success of his plans, The King travels to the mysterious lands of the Catharian forest dwellers, hoping they will join an audacious invasion of the mountaintop fortress city of Brasovia. The kings gets far more than he bargains for in the forest lands, discovering many secrets about life and the known world from a wise old village elder named Tirawos.
With so much at stake, the king and his men know that every moment counts in this heart-stopping
battle for the freedom of not only Eternity - but the entire known world.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy reading my books! - Myles

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