"Knights of Eternity" - special 99 cent promotion!


Killed in the battle against the Mad King
Hello everyone, I have released a new edition of my epic fantasy book
"Knights of Eternity - The Forgotten Prophecy". I'm doing a special promo on Amazon Kindle for 99 cents.

The story centers around a young king fighting against an evil empire threatening to consume the entire known world into its sphere of power and influence. Inspired by an ancient prophecy, the King and his brave knights set off into the snow-capped peaks of the Great Buvarious Mountains, in seach of a mysterious dragon and help in their noble struggle. Along the way, the knights encounter all manner of obstacles, people and captivating natural environments. As well as typical fantasy elements such as dragons, castles, battles, kings, knights and stunning scenery, the novel also explores some deeper philosophical and spiritual issues such as the nature of life and the surrounding universe. If you are looking for epic fantasy with a little bit more depth and intrigue, "Knights of Eternity" might just be for you. You can read the first few chapters on Amazon, as well as a few excerpts below the links. Thanks and I hope you enjoy! - Myles Alexander

Some chapter excerpts to enjoy:


“And so it finally begins, my fellow Eternians. We march on together; united on this noble quest in search of the great dragon, to a place unseen in countless eons. The path ahead may not be easy, nor will it be clear; but with the courage of the purest parts of your hearts - and conviction of every piece of our souls - we, like so many brave Eternian warriors long past shall overcome any obstacle destiny may throw upon our path. Look around to the one who stands next to you - and remember the people of our great nation; see the hope in their eyes - and willingness to sacrifice all for the greater good of this known world. Feel the spirit of change in the air and know that the gods themselves walk with us, step by step, breath by breath, moment by moment, through all that the path before us lays. Know, this will be the greatest moment, our finest sun and most unforgettable adventure in the long and proud history of our ancient nation. Ride now with me - and together we shall create history that will be remembered a thousand eons henceforth! Onward we venture, Eternians!”


“What happened in the valley - did you continue no further?” he pressingly asked, enchanted as he was inspired by this spellbinding story of adventure. Plasos seemed reluctant at first; but knew he could not turn back from the truth now.
“Well, the night I reached the valley a great storm set in - the likes of which I had never seen before, in all my eons. It raged fiercely, relentlessly for three suns and nights long - thunder, lightning and rain falling irrepressibly from the merciless heavens above - as if possessed by the unrestrained fury of the gods themselves. I was most fortunate to find refuge in an old castle ruin on the edge of the valley; its old stone walls sheltering me from the lashing elements - and warming me from near-freezing temperatures. I honestly thought I would never leave that valley alive, Alectorious. On my third night I had a mysterious dream, warning great danger would befall me if I dared continue. Having virtually run out of supplies, I had no other choice but to return to Eternity. I will always regret not venturing further, Alectorious; so very close… yet so far...”


As the Eternians rode deeper into the mountains, Alectorious was awe-inspired by the astonishing natural beauty that blessed this curious abode. It was truly the land of the gods described by his mentor, Plasos; the spellbinding enchanted trees, crystal-clear streams and countless species of exotic animals; something he could have only ever imagined in his wildest of dreams. The higher they rose, the more dramatic the scenery became: the endless snow-capped mountain peaks piercing the heavens above; with countless spectacular waterfalls streaming from their rocky pinnacles into the peacefully flowing rivers, far below. It was all the beauty one imagine; could they be but a suns ride from Eternity? Alectorious’ city seemed like a world away; like a far-off land in another life. Soon, the path began to whiten with a scattering of mountain snows as the king felt an overpowering sense of freshness throughout his body and soul. It was a stunningly beautiful sight; and one he would never forget, for the remainder of his eons.”


Before long night had fallen and a myriad of starry constellations swept gently across the mysterious night sky, sparkling brightly like precious diamonds in a bounty of great treasure. The Eternian adventurers had gathered around a small cozy campfire, warming themselves from the cool mountain night air now permeating the surrounding thick forests. Alectorious sat nearby his companions, resting peacefully against an ancient tree-trunk; most probably fallen from a powerful thunderstorm, many moons ago. He looked up into the giant trees above as birds intermittently chirped and branches swayed in the gentle breeze, in complete wonderment of this magnificent creation of the gods and Great Spirit. Alectorious felt an inexplicable, mystical presence that he had never before; a deep sense of connectedness with the forests and surrounding natural world. It was the first instance he had ever dormed in the vast wilderness under the stars - and would be an experience he would no doubt long cherish.
Alectorious looked beyond the swaying tree branches to the innumerable stars in the night sky above, marveling as they shone through the swaying treetops above. He began to reflectively wonder what these shining beacons truly were - and what manner of beings could have created such a phenomena. It was as if it were the gods themselves watching over this courageous band of souls, protecting their every step into the distant uncharted mountains. Alectorious was thoughtful as he silently gazed into this endless sea of shining light, contemplating all that had transpired and would soon be on this most grandiose quest. He wondered where this intrepid adventure was ultimately destined to lead and if it would prove to be all he had hoped and dreamed.


As the King approached, Sandros moved closer to the river’s edge, staring deeply into the mystical stream of transparent blue liquid before his very eyes. He swirled his hand through the crystal-clear waters, feeling the essence of life itself flow throughout his body and soul, seemingly unaware of the king’s presence. Alectorious silently knelt close by as Sandros casually turned to face him. The forestman was quite unphased, turning back again to look deep into the waters, as if the king were not there at all; silent as he collected his thoughts and feelings.
“The river of the great forests, such a peaceful journey it follows; like watching life itself passing before your very eyes. It twists and turns… ebbs and flows… slowly but surely finding its way onto that ever-elusive path of destiny.” the enigmatic Catharian pensively remarked, expressing his hitherto unseen philosophical side. The king listened with utmost intrigue, sensing Sandros had yet more of his hidden wisdom to impart.
“It moves so gracefully, through any obstacle one places upon its path; all the things it must overcome…. you can try and block it, but seems always… somehow… to find a way. Such is life… is it not, Alectorious?” Sandros asked, almost rhetorically. The king simply nodded, mesmerised as he looked similarly into the crystal-clear blue waters flowing gently on by. There was not a word he could disagree with; it was truly the perfect analogy...