Kvothe. Do you like or dislike him ?

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Seems like my thoughts about Kvothe align with what most people already have brought up, i think Amaryllis summarized it well.
What im most interested in is what Sneaky Burrito said:

I've been itching to discuss a couple of things from both The name of the wind and Wise man's fear for a while but the threads where i posted them got buried so i'll kinda hijack the thread and ask them here...

The Chronicler mentions that the stories about kvothes trial were among the first stories he heard while attending the university as a new student. In The name of the wind when Kvothe first enters the archives he leaf through The Mating Habits of the Common Draccus. Wich The Chronicler wrote. Is this a timeline error..? Or maybe just that the chronicler attended univeristy after his studies about the draccus. Or maybe its just that he enrolled at an older age ?Do you guys remember in the name of the wind when Denna asks Kvothe and his friends about magic. And she kind of brings up a magic where you write stuff to make it happen. Like self fullfilling prophecies. And then in wise man's fear in the end how she knots her hair into yllish story knots. Kvothe noticed a few time how she wrote "lovely" and "don't talk anymore" or something like that. Was curious of what you guys thought.
I didn't notice that. But I read both books not too long after they came out, which means there was a long separation in between. So some things might have slipped by me. But now you have me curious. (As for Denna, I probably didn't pay as much attention to her sections because I hated her. Although it sounds like maybe I should have been paying more attention to her too. Just as long as I don't have to go back and read the Felurian junk again.)