Legends of Verra

Hello everyone. My book, Legends of Verra: Voice of Darkness, is available on Amazon. I'd love to get some feedback from this community. I'll tell you a little about the story, see if i can get anyone hooked. (without giving away too much.) This is the first book in the series, and I'll be honest -- I really don't know how many books there will be. There could be as many as ten, by the time I'm done. (Then again, I might never be done.)

The story has three central characters.
Drew -- a timid, lost soul who is trying to find some sort of purpose in a war-torn land. He is not a fighter. He is not particularly good at anything. But, despite his terror, he still volunteered to help defend his homeland. The events of his life bring him face to face with a living God, and Drew must try to make a courageous stand against his terrifying wrath.

Nikola -- a Seer who can shape dreams, see visions of the future and communicate with the dead. She can also travel to spiritual realm known as the Edge of Existence, where she is able to manipulate her surroundings, but also communicate with other spirits the world over. It is here that she tries to find her long lost love, but never with any success. Her insistence pays off, though, as she has a vision which promises that her true love shall change the world.

Ranku -- a powerfully built and terrifying warrior. A master of the Iron Fist, and a member of an elite squad known as the Stalkers. He is seemingly driven by his anger and regrets. But there is a much more sinister force at work.
While on the battlefield, Ranku is visited by a malevolent entity, a shadow sphere, that has existed from a time before the universe itself came into existence. He is granted visions and knowledge of the entities' former deeds, and realises that it is true evil. Ranku is offered immortality, eternal power and eternal knowledge -- if he will consent to becoming its champion.

It's allure had been undeniable. Its wrath, however, promised to be eternal.

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Hello, J.M.!

welcome to the forum and thank you for posting this in the correct forum!
I have requested the free sample of your book on my Kindle and will read it once I have time.
Can't promise, however, if I am also going to buy the book yet, as I still have a lot of other books on my TBR pile :)

Best regards,
Thanks very much, Andy. I can't ask for more than that. I really hope you enjoy it. Please get back to me once you get to it and let me know what you think. It would be great to speak with readers. Cheers!


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I like the cover, and the premise seemed interesting! Took a look at the sample... hm. The prologue/intro was a bit expositiony, but once it got to Drew riding through the forest at night near the line, I was caught up in the action. Well done :)
Hi, Mr Marbles. :)
Thank you very much for reading. Oh dear...gosh, darn, hell, crap! Excuse the French.
I agonized for weeks about whether or not I should add that prologue in. *bites nails* Damn haha at least you kept reading on. The following chapter, Voice of Darkness, was one of my favorites to write. And when I read over it I still enjoy it...that doesn't usually happen with me. Please get back to me as you read on. :)
Thanks again guys!

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Ranku, as my birthday is on August 14, I consider that my first birthday present :)


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I've downloaded this, thanks for letting us know of the price drop :)

I've got a few SP books by forum members now that are sat on my kindle. I fully intend, quite soon, to read them all. I might just wait for @YordanZh book to arrive with me [patiently taps foot] then read them all one after the other.