List of Fantasy Books You Recommend


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Here's my list so far.
Also thanks to for it's helpful book suggestions :mrgreen:

  • Alan Dean Foster - Spellsinger[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Anne Logston - Shadow series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Barb Hendee, J.C. Hendee - The Noble Dead series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Barry Hughart - Master Li & #10 Ox trilogy[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • C. Dale Brittain - A Bad Spell in Yurt[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Dark Sun novels[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • David Gemmell[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs - A Princess of Mars[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • E.E. Knight - Age of Fire series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Freitz Leiber - Fafhrd and Gray Mouser series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • George R. Martin - A Song of Fire and Ice series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Glenn Cook - Black Company series & Garret P.I. series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Greg Bear - Songs of Earth and Power[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Greg Keyes - A Kingdom of Thorn and Bone series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Guy Gavriel Kay - Fionovar Tapestry trilogy & Tigana[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Ian R. McLeod - The Light Ages[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • J.V. Jones - A Sword of Shadows series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Jennifer Fallon - The Second Sons trilogy[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Jim Butcher - Dresden Files series & Codex Alera series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Joe Abercrombie - The First Law trilogy[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Jonathan Stroud - Bartimaeus series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • J. R. R. Tolkien - The Lord of the Rings[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Judith Tarr - The Isle of Glass[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Julian May - Boreal Moon trilogy[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Kate Elliott - Crown of Stars series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • L. Warren Douglas - The Sacred Pool[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Leah R. Cutter - Paper Mage[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Lian Hearn - Tales of the Otori series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Lynn Flewelling - Tamir series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman - Deathgate Cycle series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Mervyn Peake - Titus Groan[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Naomi Novik - Temeraire series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Neil Gaiman - Sandman series, The Graveyard Book[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Patricia Briggs - Hurog series and other books[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Patrick Rothfuss - The Name of the Wind[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Patrick Tilley - The Amtrack Wars series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Paul Kearney - Monarchies of God series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • R. Scott Baker - Prince of Nothing Series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Rachel Caine - The Weather Warden series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Robert Heinlein - Glory Road[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Robin Hobb - Farseer trilogy, Tawny Man trilogy [/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Roger Taylor - Hawklan series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Scott Lynch - The Lies of Lamora Locke[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Sean Russell - The Initiate Brother series, The Swan's War trilogy[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Sean Williams - Book of the Change series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Spelljammer novel series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Stan Nichols - Orcs First Blood series[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Stephen R. Lawhead - The Song of Albion trilogy[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Steven Brust - To Reign In Hell [/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Steven Erickson - A Tale of the Malazan Book of the Fallen saga[/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Susanna Clarke - Jonathan Strange And Mr. Norrell [/*:m:fslcad13]
  • Terry Pratchett - Discworld series[/*:m:fslcad13]

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Re: List of Fantasy Books You Recommend/Like/or have Read

I did a list of top 5 books I have read in 2008

Tuf Voyaging - George RR Martin
Perdido Street Station - China Mieville
American Gods - Neil Gaiman
Lies of Locke Lamora - Scott Lynch
Troy: Fall of Kings - David Gemmell

for a more detailed description visit my blog via my sig and place a comment if you will =)

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Re: List of Fantasy Books You Recommend/Like/or have Read

First Post!


Wheel of Time (Jordan)

Dark Elf series (Salvatore)

Dragonlance (Weis and Hickman)
Re: List of Fantasy Books You Recommend/Like/or have Read

The Tale of the Birds by Anthony Addis
The Fionovar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay
Legend by David Gemmell
Re: List of Fantasy Books You Recommend/Like/or have Read

Feast of Souls -- by CS Friedman. Highly recommend it. If you like it, go back and look at her Coldfire Trilogy.

I read The Name of the Wind (Patrick Rothfuss) and was blown away at how good it was.

JV Jones books are all pretty good as well.

Jones, Friedman, and Rothfuss all have books coming out in 2009, so it should be a pretty good year.
Re: List of Fantasy Books You Recommend/Like/or have Read

I have wanted to read so many books that I have made a book list and unless the book is unbearably bad or dry I don't pick up another book until I'm done with the one I'm on.

Most recently books that i have read and really enjoyed are:

The Dragonlance Trilogy: Say what you will but I read these books so fast they were so good. The 2nd book I was taking to work and trying to read as much as possible when I had nothing better to do (though my managers thought otherwise) :x :cry: But I've read the first three and bought the first of the new series (which fills in the holes form the first trilogy) on audiobook and listened to it and then bought the 2nd and the third is coming this coming fall. Another reason I may like these books is because I do play DnD but either way...I enjoy them immensely.

Another DnD themed book trilogy set in the Ebberon setting...
Blade of the Flame Trilogy by Tim Waggoner. I really enjoyed his little Trilogy. For some it would be mandane probably but I enjoyed them

I have read through John Ringo's "There will be Dragons" book series which has been a lot of fun and mixes fantasy with sci-fi in a fun way, he has also been called the "sci-fi Tom Clancy" and I don't know all about that but he is a fun read.

I am currently reading The Lord of the Rings: (I know I should have read them by now...i'm 25...LONG STORY) kinda.....anyway I'm enjoying them but keep thinking that with half of the descriptions (of the leaf on the tree) gone from the books they would be a lot faster...not really complaining but if there is a medium size rock in their way it seems like Tolkien has to tell us about it. I'm all for World building but gah!

As far as other books and series I can't wait to sink my teeth into are as follows.
Mistborn Trilogy and Elantris both by Brandon Sanderson

the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan

KingMaker, KingBreaker Series(Innocent Mage and Awakened Mage) and the Godspeaker Trilogy by Karen Miller...she's from Australia

Fire of Heaven Trilogy by Russel Kirkpatrick

The Legend of Drizzt by R.A. Salvatore

The Last Wish by Andpzej Sapkowski

The Piaras Legacy by Scott Gamboe

Falconfar series by Ed Greenwood

Sword of Ice and Flame by George RR Martin

and so many more....damn New bookstore in town....everytime I go in I have to pick up a new book in series or a new book totally