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Yeah. I love Hawk the Slayer. I'm not ashamed to admit it (much like I have no problem declaring my love of Tasslehoff).

They're trying to make a sequel, and I've backed it. In fact, it is the only kickstarter project I have ever backed.
I'm gonna post it here as well because... well because I love Hawk the Slayer (weren't you paying attention?)

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I've never heard of this. Checking google, it appears to be an old british fantasy movie. Is it worth tracking down for a watch, and should I be wearing my Mystery Science Theater 3000 hat, or my serious hat?


Journeyed there and back again
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Not sure what that is but yes. you definitely should. Hawk was a post star wars fantasy flick with a low budget and sub par FX. What it had in spades was great (read cheesy) dialogue. There were also a lot of well known brit tv actors in it, they blew their budget though on Jack Palance as the Vader looking evil older brother. It's one of those films that someone who didn't see it as a wide eyed fantasy loving youth might find just rubbish. Or maybe that dialogue still amuses. You could be the test case @MrMarbles - find it. watch it. Let us know.


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Yes, yes. Looks interesting. I will definitely look into this. :)