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  1. WestOfJanuary

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    I am reading "The Liveship Traders" books bei Robin Hobb and just stumbled over a line about a magic gimmick

    Grag Tenira hides in a cabin and is notified of people coming over a bridge by a small "sympathy bell" which is connected to a larger bell in his cabin.

    Did Patrick Rothfuss really borrow (steal?) his idea for sympathy magic from Robin Hobb?
    Did anyone else notice that or anything similar?
  2. Bierschneeman

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    I doubt it, this concept appears in a wide variety of authors works. There's a Brandon Sanderson book called the emperors Soul which deals with a similar ( not exact) magic device.

    There's also a spell set in D&D that deals with sympathy magic in a published book decades ago.

    In the hogfather they use sympathy magic on pieces of children ( teeth) to control their beliefs. They even call it sympathy magic

    I have a feeling this goes back much further, voodoo, some Celtic myths.
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  3. Nuomer1

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    No way of knowing. The term 'sympathy' might be a hint - but even then, not a strong one. This form of magic (basic summary "Like to Like, Part to Whole") goes back at least to mediaeval England, maybe lots further - I have made use of it myself. In formal discussion, it is referred to as 'Sympathetic magic'.
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  4. Darwin

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    Yeah, I'd read about sympathetic magic before KKC in other contexts. Another example would be voodoo dolls.
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  5. Maark Abbott

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    Who do?
  6. Darth Tater

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    I came across it in the Lightbringer series. I was like "Ohhh...I know what this is" :cool: (from reading KKC).
  7. ExTended

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    In his recent Q&A he was asked a similar thing about his naming magic and the Earthsea books. He answered that his magic might be similar to other authors' magic system not because he was necessarily inspired by them, but because they have all researched the same myths, legends, cultures and such, they all ended up using the same source material as foundation for the different magic systems, which end up kind of similar in the end.

    Basically - what some people have already mentioned in the previous replies.

    I guess it's kind of nice that I am from a country with relatively unexplored in that regard lore, so that some aspects of my works could be inspired by it without becoming too similar to already existing works.

    But at the same time most myths are addressing the same things, each dressed in a different clothes, but underneath - a myth influenced by other, previous myths. So there's that.
  8. Bierschneeman

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    What country,?
    Did you add to the literature from every country thread?
  9. ExTended

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    I am from Bulgaria. A small, but beautiful country, residing somewhere in the middle of "no one gives a ... about". :p

    I haven't been aware of the thread, but I have added my contribution to it now, thanks for letting me know. :)

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