Looking for suggestions for long fantasy series written by different authors.


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I'm talking stuff like Forgotten Realms, Shadowrun, Pathfinder etc.

Please, suggest different series, and where to start.

Eidt: oh, and here's a preview of what I've got in mind.


Decided to start off a fun little project, where I skim several chapters of books in series like Forgotten Realms, a fun series for so many people...who don't know any better, and talk about how much I appreciate...that I don't try to enjoy it unironically anymore.

As always with any series I don't like, if you enjoy it, then I'm happy that you can enjoy something i can't. In fact if you love the forgotten realm series, I envy you, because you're constantly given a ton of it a year, and I wish I could still be satisfied by it. Me, I feel like there's a lot better stuff out there that I'd rather read.

Also, please don't take this too seriously, I'm mostly just attempting to riff some nostalgia of mine with my patented hit or miss humor.


The forgotten Realms series is something that I've read so much of...and by so much I mean I read like 5 Drizz't books and a little bit of 2 other books which I can't recall.

I started off with Robert A. Salvatore's Homeland, the first book of a trilogy which tells the origin story of Drizz't Du;Urdon, with the most original name in the history of trilogies. That name:

The Dark Elf Trilogy, and idea that I imagine took a whole 5 seconds for god ol' Bob to come up with, which according to Bob himself was about the time he used came up with name Drizz't Du'Urden. Lovely...

Alright, lets do this...


So we start off with an essay from Drizz't which is actually quite good. Within just 10 or so sentences we learn that that the Drow society that Drizz't gows up in runs by people literally backstabbing each other. It's very similar to how the Sith in Star Sars are, only they do it to gain favor with their Chaotic Evil spider god Lloth, who actually lives underground with them from what I remember.

It's also mostly run by the females there. Ah Fantasy novels, so that's where the matriarchy is. Hey angry manchildren playing video games every waking second, I found it!

Oh, and almost all, if not all females are clerics for their goddess. It's true, the church really is evil!

First chapter mostly consists of Drizz'ts father arriving home to stop him from being sacrificed to the spider god, and its pretty exciting. Because of Dinin, Drizz'ts brothers actions, it's stopped in the next chapter. Yeah, that's not easy to to get confused with another weird sounding name, now is it?

Chapter 3 and 4 probably could have been combined into one chapter and cut by half. Padding, yay! Gotta make that book nice and thick!

We continue into chapter 5 by reminding angry manchildren to hate women. His caretaker forced him to kill things he doesn't want to.

In all seriousness, this is a really fucked up society that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, and it's pretty damn engaging too depite a little bit of padding Drizz't grief actually makes a lot of sense, and the first quarter of this book is actually quite good. Where does Drizz't fall apart? I honestly don't remember, so we'll have to find out together.
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You commented about btkong's top 25 in another thread. My guess is that most recommendations for you will come from that list.


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You commented about btkong's top 25 in another thread. My guess is that most recommendations for you will come from that list.
Sorry, but you misunderstand this topic. This is for a side project alongside what I'm already reading. As I said, I'm just skimming with the books I'm gonna cover.

I've also gotten several suggestions from this forum on books to read, which I'm really grateful for.

Edit: ok, continuing on. Gonna try being more serious with this one.

As always with any series I don't like, if you enjoy it, then I'm happy that you can enjoy something i can't. In fact if you love the forgotten realm series, I envy you, because you're constantly given a ton of it a year, and I wish I could still be satisfied by it. Me, I feel like there's a lot better stuff out there that I'd rather read.

That said, I'm actually enjoying this book so far, and I'm gonna keep this part more serious and somewhat informative.

Ok, continuing on:

This book itself is set in 5 parts, each of which open with an essay from Drizzt, and form what I can remember, they're usually the best part of the trilogies, and I admire how Salvatore delivers so much from less than half a page. It's something that I've taken influence with when making a character sheet in games like Shadowrun.

Anyways, this one talks about how bad Drizzt's first few years were indeed as torturous as you'd expect, and how he had to deal with severe reverse sexism. The poor guy.

Chapter 6 has one of my favorite parts in the the trilogy. We learn why Drizzt was trained to use a weapon in each hand. He's ambidexterous. He's asked to catch several tossed coins in in a specific hand, showing off his talent, and he catches them all. I know what you're thinking. "Gary Stu!" To that I say "Well, yeah, but it's entertaining, so I don't care."

Chapter 7 contains this cool fight with this drow versus spiders, where a minor character almost ends up kamikazi-ing himself by dropping a fireball at his feet.

Chapter 8 consists of training, and...it's not boring. I'm impressed. Usually the training part of fantasy novels is the most boring part of a book. I recently dropped a book called Red Sister because the training when on for like 50 pages or so and showed no sign of stopping anytime. This time it was dare I say...entertaining!

Chapter 9 has Alton, the one who almost kama-kazi'd himself himself in chapter 7 getting assigned as a spy for another house, and is told to lean all about Drizzt, and be prepared to fight him when the time is right.

Chapter 10 we learn that Drizzt is Malice's final child, along with a few other interesting things that I can't recall.

Chapter 11: Final Chapter for part 2. Drizzt is reminded By Zak that he cannot ever lose a battle, for if he does, it is truly the end of him.

Well this was fun writing up. Hope someone got some joy out of this.



Now onto part 3:

We open with another essay, this one's ok I guess. It's talks of how Drizzt barely survived the academy, and how he lost he truly lost his innocence there.

Chapter 12: Start of the Academy, which had 2 noteworthy events. First, a lecture talking about how the fairies betrayed the Drow and yeah, THEY"RE the evil ones! :p Then a fun little tournament where Drizzt decided to wait for others to attack him at first, as he worked together with another Drow named Kelnozz, who backstabbed him by firing a spell at him at the end.

CH 13: Drizzt talks to Kelnozz, and has it confirmed for himself that he really has no friends here. He learns from this, and as a result of it, he becomes the head of the class.

CH 14: Very dark chapter. Drizzt saves a drow baby from some monsters called Hook Horrors, and is chastised for it because the baby is a nobody. Then Dinin tells Drizzt the only reason he wasn't sacrificed asa baby was because Dinin slaughtered their other brother.

CH 15: Alton taunts and attacks Drizzt with his spells. His first mage fight! He spends most of the battle dodging his spells. Then another Drow Masoj shows up, and summons his panther(who I'll just call Gwen) who pins Alton down. Drizzt takes a lot of interest in Gwen.

CH 16: The chapter I always remember. Drizzt graduates from the academy, and his sister casts a confusion spell on him. In his daze a Drow woman appears to him, and seduces him. Not interested in meaningless sex, he curses Lloth. This pisses off Vierna, who brings him to a Drider, a drow combined with a spider, and seals the exit. Drizzt kills the Drider, but magical arrows make him pass out. He awakens next to his mother, Matron Malice, who warns him that if he disses Lloth again, she'll turn him into a drider.

And with that we've finished Part 3. Just 2 more parts to go!

Edit 2: Continuing onwards!

Part 4:

Gah! Part 4 opens with a poem about Gwen, and it's just terrible! Where's my essay dammit? :(

CH 17: Zak fears that the academy may have turned Drizzt evil, a fear which is quelled by him suggesting to Matron Malice that they ask a weaker house to join them instead of slaughtering them.

CH18+19: Alton is continuing to spy on Drizzt. Drizzt is doing his first mission on the surface, and is is disappointed that that the wizard Masoj, who owns Gwen isn't allowed to come with.

CH 20: Another chapter I always remember. Quite the Dark One. Dinin, Drizzt, and another drow hunt elves. Drizzt cannot being himself to kill any, and he saves a little elven girl by hiding her, and telling her to "stay down."

Ch 21: Drizzt's house loses favor with Lloth, the spider queen due to him sparing the child. Masoj, the mage that owns gwen is given a tenday(however long that is) to kill Drizzt. Drizzt and Zak decide to have a spar in a tenday, both of them secretly planning to kill one another.

CH 22: Drizzt, Dinin get a mission to hunt deep gnomes. Masoj is also with them, who secretly tries to take out Drizzt, but fails. Oh, and there's this cool battle against an elemental that Masoj summoned. Oh, and Drizzt and Gwen have become friends.

CH 23: Drizzt gets captured by a deep gnome named Belwar, who tells him that he won't be tortured, and he'll ask his king to let him go. Drizzt trusts him, but Dinin and Masoj find them, wanting to kill Belwar. Drizzt suggests instead that they cut off his arms, and let him live to tell the other gnomes o their power.

And that's part 4. One more to go, which I'll try to cover today.
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