Lords of the Bow

Mohammed Al Mulla

Owns a Ring of Power
I finally finished reading the 2nd book of Conn Iggulden, which is part of the Conqueror series.. it took me around 7 months to finish the book, not because of its events but because of being occupied with Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Link.. which was interesting for sometime till I was knocked to reality by some super players who could do combinations that are just out of this world that made me remember that I belong to books... not to card duel games ^^
However, and as usual, I grabbed some points while reading the novel of Lords of the Bow.. and these points are not meant by any way to degrade the author nor the book, but it is good to keep an eye on such points to avoid them in case anyone is a writer..
these points are:
1) While Hoelun was thinking of her son, Timujin, she remembers that he is to be called Genghis Khan, which means as per Mr. Conn Iggulden, the Ocean, whereas many trustworthy sources states that Genghis Khan means "Ruler of All"... Soo i believe that there is a difference between the 2.. And the "Rulers of All" should be giving the correct message!
2) ‎when the scouts were seeking the mountains for a passage way to the Xi Xia Kingdom, they came across a passage way that they went through till the end, which was blocked.. Conn spent like half a page to describe why they did not believe that it is a natural wall.. Including the shape.. The surface.. The way that it is placed... Finally a door that was at its bottom.. I mean.... A door!!! In a wall!! That is more than enough of a clue to understand that this wall was either placed by human or modified by one! Why elaborating for the same of additional few lines??
3) ‎there is something with Mr. Conn and the number 5000.. In less than 2 pages, Genghis used 5000 more warriors to divert the water from the plains around the Xi Xia capital, 5000 warriors to line up the path of the Xi Xia messengers.. And 5000 warriors to accompany him in his journey to the Xi Xia capital to attend the negotiation with the king i mean.. Didn't they reach for a number higher than 5000 in their numeric system??
4) ‎In many occasions Borte and Genghis spoke about his way in treating his eldest son, Joshi.. Yet when he takes his sons to the place his father used to bring him and his brother to test their strength and build their stamina.. Then Borte speaks to him about the same topic and he suddenly realize "how hard a life he had forced on Joshi"... Well, did it not click in the first 100 times?????
5) ‎a good thing in the novel is that it links the events in a good way.. Genghis thought once in the 1st volume on how his father used to train him and his brothers, specially by holding water in their mouths and run to ensure that they breath from their noses.. In the 2nd book, Mr. Conn elaborates the details of the training as Genghis trains his own sons
6) ‎Mr. Conn played a very good plot by adding the Silk smuggling into the storyline.. If the smugglers were replaced by normal sailors, lots of the suspension would be removed and so many tens of pages from the novel itself.. However, it is just like. Japanese animation that has filler episodes that are not related to the main events, but do contribute into them.. And helps the producers to make some extra cash from selling the episodes, while keeping their main plot intact to ensure long running time..
7) Again while seeking their way into the imperial capital, Khasar and Kachiun takes 5000 strong warriors in order to explore the found pass.. What's with this number?????? It is some sort of a secret alien code or disguised location??
8) One of the contingency plans placed by the Chin General, Zhi Zhong was to block the passage using a "gigantic" tree trunk.. Well, as per the description of the battle ground.. The full are is barren!! It is full of mountains and snow! Where did he manage to get such a tree and place it there?? Also, the Mongol army has passed the trunk, killing all in its path, and entangled with the Chin army, yet, there were magically some (TROOPS) who somehow remained to cut the ropes that hold the tree in order to drop it to block the way, added to that.. There were other regiments of soldiers who were ready to attack those who got separated by the tree... Where were all those people?? Did they have an inter dimensional teleporter or something?? Did not even a single soldier or general of Mongol notice them?? Nor it came to any to leave like a bunch of soldiers to protect the tree and the ropes holding it.
9) In the middle of the battle.. Kachiun tries to gather the remnant of his army to support the Khan... And amazingly.. He realizes that all what was left of his 9000 isssssssssss... Yup.. You guessed it right.. Only 5000!!!! Such a magical number this is..
10) After his first win against the Mongol as a defender of the imperial capital, Conn Iggulden spends a full half of a page describing General Zhi Zhong having a threesome with his maids.. Was that even necessary? He could have shortened the thing so we can focus on the whether the Mongol enters the city rather than on Zhi Zhong "hydraulic jack" enters the "lubrication Tunnel".. And.. The reader might ask.. What happens if Zhi Zhong defeated the entire Mongol Army.. What's then?? Will Conn goes into describing a Gangbang????
11) When Joshi screamed to alarm the guards regarding the intruder.. The guards start seeking the encampment rather than going to seek out their Khan! It took them between eternity and forever just to announce the finding of the 2 killed guards!! What is on their priority list, these guards??? I wonder.. Luckily they did not head to count their sheep first and ensure that the Chin imperial soldiers did not snatch a couple to hold a parade
12) After the assassination attempt on Genghis's life.. The Mongol camp goes into full alarm.. And doubled the number of guards to prevent other assassins from accessing the camp.. And for manpower they used... Errrrrr... Chin Slaves!! So you almost destroy someone country.. Wipe out their castles and fortresses.. Turn them to hostages.. Use them as living baits to drain the enemies arrows.. And still trust them to guard their camps??? If I am Genghis.. I would commit suicide myself rather than waiting for another assassin to come for my life.. Using the ignorance of my own people!!
13) Conn added a nice detail to the novel when he pointed that each of Genghis Generals was granted 3 tents (White, Red and Black).. In order for them to resume Genghis tradition when invading new cities.. I almost had that question in my mind when he mentioned it.
14) Before departure.. Genghis sets with his sons who he is sending to accompany his generals to grow stronger.. And he feels the anger and hatred of his Son, Joshi.. And wonder what did he do to deserve it.. I mean.. Literally half of this novel is about his issue with his first born kid! And 20% of the rest is his conversation with his wife regarding how he is treating his son! And now he is wondering what he had done to deserve his hatred! I mean, this novel should be named: Father of the Hated Son, rather than Lords of the Bow