Malazan TV-series

Silvion Night

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I saw this interesting thread on the Malazan subreddit:
Apparantly the Weinstein Company was in the process of buying the rights to the Malazan franchise. A tv-series was in the early stages of development. It would center on Adjunct Tavore and her life before the events of the Malazan main series, all the way though to the end of the Crippled God. Lots of great material there and in my opinion a great way to "tailor down" the enormous Malazan world. I think this is the only way in which a Malazan tv-series could be feasible.

In any case, the project was ditched after Weinstein was implicated as the #metoo kingpin. Erikson says he "dodged a bullet" there (that's an understatement in my opinion).

Still, how maddening is it to know that we almost had a Malazan tv-series!?