March 2016 - What fantasy books are you reading?

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Apparantly it's March already in India according to @khrm, and we don't want to hamper him in posting his fantasy reads, now do we?

@TomTB, could you sticky this? I'm all giddy with excitement to be the thread creator for March. :p

I'm still reading HP Lovecraft's collected works. Really liking it so far, but it's a very tricky read. The prose is nothing short of beautiful, but it doesn't read away easily. Sometimes I re-read a sentence several times, just because it's so beautifully crafted. The book is enormous, standing at 1000+ pages (small letters, big pages). I'm about 250 pages in.


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Done. But it's February still where I am for another 5 hours, so I'll refrain from unsticking the Feb thread just yet :)

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Done. But it's February still where I am for another 5 hours, so I'll refrain from unsticking the Feb thread just yet :)

We should've created a thread for leap year. Missed opportunity.


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I am starting Sebastian de Castell's Knight's Shadow.

I completed Emma Newman's split worlds. 8.77/10
I finished with all the three books. I like how she handles the romance. I didn't find protagonist to be a Mary Sue. Just lucky and a bit naive sometimes. There are still many things left unexplained (may be she will write another novel?).
I read some 19 books in the month of Feb. This month I think I will read only 4-7. Lots of work.

I also want to read Adrian Tchaikovsky's Shadows of the Apt. How is this series?

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Starting March with Prince of Dogs.


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Just finished Way of Kings and I'm diving into Words of Radiance head on.

I really enjoyed the book, but I'm somewhat disapointed in the translation. Well, not the translation per se, but like it needed some revision. Names changed during a conversation, gender changes for objects or people. There was one chapter that was absolutely horrendous: the soulcaster is translated as animista (free translation, but ok) but suddenly in that chapter is called "transformador de almas" (more exact translation, but sounds a lot worse, and that's not the point; the rest of the book calls it animista again). I blame the editor for that, but what the hell was the translator thinking; it feels like it was made by different people and was never revised. And apparently this was the revised version already. I really hope WoR is better in that aspect.

Anyway, I did enjoy the book (I read it in like five days). Definetly not a 10, but a solid 8 to me, for now. I feel like I can't truly rate the book that is part of something as big as Stormlight if I haven't read the whole series, but for now it will have to do.

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I'm about 20 pages into Prince of Dogs and hot damn this is just the shot in the arm I needed after the last book I read. I've been told this is (somehow) darker than King's Dragon, which actually sits well with me, and the miserable tone at the very start has been undercut with a slim ray of hope. I'm looking forward to getting my teeth into this. Because Eika dog jokes.


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Started Corpse Cold. Man I've been on a run of solid reads lately.


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Last week I finished Way of Kings and The Martian, both are great, but I have to give it to Martian. It's by far my favourite book I've read year. Currently I'm 75% into Uprooted by Naomi Novik, an interesting book for sure. It's always nice to read books a little closer to home. :)


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I'm reading the Frostborn Omnibus One, which is all four Frostborn books, for 99c and the first book is good so far. Epic fantasy.

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Steel, Blood and Fire at work. Still slogging through The Widow's House at home. Not that I don't like The Widow's House, I just haven't had much time for reading at home lately.


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Started reading The Providence of Fire last night. Only 5% in but it's just the same as The Emperor's Blades so far.

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Just finished Calamity by Brandon Sanderson. Was pretty disappointing.
Phaedrus' powers were hyped up way too much for what he was. Compared to the completely broken powers of some other Epics his should really have been merely good. His challenging the protagonists was fine, but he was portrayed as the most dangerous Epic ever and shown curbstomping everyone with no real challenge because the plot demanded that he be the final boss. Sanderson usually puts in a lot more effort than that.

Also, he got a little lazy with the continuity - several times referring to certain powers as 'prime invincibilities' which don't belong in that category by the logic of previous books. For example, Phaedrus' force-fields had to be consciously kept up meaning a sneak attack wouldn't activate them, and they could be overwhelmed too.

Also, given Charleston's new powers at the end and the setup for his fight with Obliteration I'm predicting a curbstomp on the part of Obliteration. Why? Because think about the one fear likely to become his Kryptonite as an Epic. Charleston's weakness will clearly be his fear of failing to save people, and nothing he can do can prevent Obliteration from blowing his load at any time.

is really the worst enemy Charleston could face, and while Charleston might know the secret of nerfing Epic weaknesses, they're never completely gone and Charleston's in particular will be something he has to struggle with every day in the job of a superhero. So Charleston isn't going to be much good against Obliteration and neither Megan nor Phaedrus can stop him from doing his thing if he doesn't choose to hang around near them and fight.

Also, it never did explain why Obliteration could sense Charleston and Megan despite their reality-warping disguises that one time, so he's clearly got at least one unknown power they'll have to deal with and he's as protected from his own weakness as they are from theirs.

Since I dislike them, my headcanon is the Reckoners get exterminated in a week and Toronto goes up in a holocaust. Happy ending.
Your ending does sound pretty good.


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Just over halfway through The Stormcaller, Book 1 of The Twilight Reign by Tom Lloyd.

This reminds me of Malazan although it is not as complex, but it does have Gods interfering in humankind's world. Meanwhile our protagonist Isak is currently immersed in an Elven war and his tribe's politics whilst trying (with mixed results) to learn magic.

Lloyd is a good story teller and I am enjoying his world building and looking forward to seeing how the plot in this series develops.
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Don't forget

with Stormwind dead there's going to be that famine that was mentioned then forgotten

This really was some of Sanderson's worst work. Not because it wasn't adequate as a story, it's just not like him to make so many continuity mistakes.
Living Tribunal / Hoid will probably retcon everything. IDK.