My Stephen King booklist. What's yours?

Discussion in 'Horror' started by Tony Brady, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. Tony Brady

    Tony Brady A farm boy with a sword

    Hello out there! I’m posting a list of all of the Stephen King books that I have read! What’s your list?

    1)Baby Babyluv



    4)The dark tower: The gunslinger

    5)The dark tower: The drawing of the three

    6)The dark tower: The wastelands

    7)The dark tower: Wizard and glass

    8)Duma key

    9)Gerald’s game


    11)Mr. Mercedes


    13)Rose madder

    14)The Shining

    15)Under the dome

    16)Different seasons

    17)Everything’s eventual

    18)Full dark, no stars

    19)Four past midnight

    20)Doctor sleep

    21)The dark half
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  2. kenubrion

    kenubrion Journeyed there and back again

    The Stand 3 times
    The one about the killer car
    It which still bothers me because of what It is
    First three Dark Tower, stopped reading him here
    The Running Man as Richard Bachman
    Thinner same thing
    The Long Walk ditto
    Salem's Lot
    The Dead Zone
    Cujo twice
    The Tommyknockers
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  3. Tony Brady

    Tony Brady A farm boy with a sword

    Nice list! I've never read 'the stand' yet so many people have told me how great it is. I need to tighten up! Hope all is well, kenubrion!
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  4. Tony Brady

    Tony Brady A farm boy with a sword

    Oh! I went and saw the dark tower movie last night! I would've done it a different way, the movie that is, but I still loved it!
  5. paul james

    paul james Mixes poisons and sharpens knives with Kylar

    I've read over 50. It is only the newest and the obscure stories I've not read yet.

    I re-read Insomnia recently. I will re-read Pet Semetary next.

    You have these to look forward to plus the last four Dark Tower. All great books. Desperation and The regulators are linked but they are hard to follow as feature the same character names but in different roles!

    I also loved 11-22-63, Needful Things, The Talisman, Dreamcatcher. My favourite collection was Just After Sunset. Am currently on Bazaar, just finished Blockade Billy.
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  6. Tony Brady

    Tony Brady A farm boy with a sword

    NICE!!! That's a lot of King books! My favorite collection of his was definitely 'Everything's Eventual'. So many good short stories; The man in the black suit, the sister's of Eluria(gunslinger story), 1408, Lunch at the Gotham cafe', lots of great reads!
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  7. Hand of Fear

    Hand of Fear Journeyed there and back again

    The Stand (My favourite SK book).

    The Gunslinger

    The Drawing of Three

    The Wastelands

    Wizard and Glass

    Needful Things

    The Tommyknockers


    Pet Sematary

    The Green Mile

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  8. Tony Brady

    Tony Brady A farm boy with a sword

    Nice! I haven't read 'Needful things', but I hear it's one of his best.
  9. Silvion Night

    Silvion Night Sir Readalot Staff Member

    Same as @paul james I've read pretty much every SK book. The ones I like best are IT, The Stand, the Dark Tower books and Hearts in Atlantis
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  10. Sneaky Burrito

    Sneaky Burrito Crazy Cat Lady Staff Member

    I don't remember much of anything about these, but here you go (Richard Bachman ones included):
    • 'Salem's Lot
    • The Shining
    • The Stand
    • Cujo
    • The Gunslinger
    • Pet Sematary
    • It
    • The Drawing of the Three
    • Misery
    • The Tommyknockers
    • The Dark Half
    • The Waste Lands
    • Needful Things
    • Gerald's Game
    • Dolores Claiborne
    • Insomnia
    • Rose Madder
    • Desperation
    • The Regulators
    What this tells me is I apparently read a lot of Stephen King books prior to graduating high school and none since. (The Regulators was published in 1996.)
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  11. Tony Brady

    Tony Brady A farm boy with a sword

    Well, I see that you too had unfortunately read 'Gerald's Game'. Did you hate that one as much as me? I Love King as a writer overall, but that is the worst book I have ever forced myself to read! Hahahaha!
  12. Sneaky Burrito

    Sneaky Burrito Crazy Cat Lady Staff Member

    For some reason, I remember that one more than the others. I don't know how you can make an entire novel out of that scenario.
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  13. jo zebedee

    jo zebedee Journeyed there and back again

    I think...

    Those I loved:
    Salem's Lot
    the Stand (read both versions - his editor called it right)
    Fire starter
    Dead zone
    The Regulators
    Eyes of the Dragon
    On Writing
    Under the Dome
    The Girl Who loved Tom Gordon
    Different Seasons


    The Shining
    Rose Madder
    The Green Mile
    Skeleton Crew


    Pet Semetary
    Needful things
    Dark Half
    Lissey's Something

    Started and never finished

    Book one - the Dark Tower
    The time travelling one about JFK. I hated that.
    The sequel to The Shining.

    So yeah. I've read a few in my time :)
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  14. Tony Brady

    Tony Brady A farm boy with a sword

    I liked 'the shining' and ' doctor sleep' a lot. Carrie is actually my favorite by him. The new dark tower movie was great in my opinion too! I hope all is well! Happy eclipse!
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  15. Kalavan

    Kalavan Ran bridges next to Kaladin

    Same here, I've read everything he has written till On writing - and I mean absolutely everything, just checked his bibliography - thanks to my local librarian, an huge fan who used to pick up everything he wrote, even anthologies with only a King's foreword.

    Which by the way led me to discover George R.R. Martin long before ASOIAF, and I still prefer his short stories and novellas to his blockbuster (Skin Trade, With Morning comes Mistfall, A Song for Lya, Sandkings and many others).

    After high school(2001), I've finished The Black Tower and I've read perhaps a couple more of his books, but my interest in his works waned. Although I'll definitely have to check out at the very least 11-22-63.

    The Stand is by a distance my favorite one, but I've also loved Different Seasons, It, The Running Man, The Dead Zone and Needful Things

    EDIT: I've mixed them up, I barely remember The Running Man, I meant The Long Walk
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    Last edited: Sep 6, 2017
  16. Darth Tater

    Darth Tater Journeyed there and back again

    The 17 Stephen King books I've read along with my opinion based on my level of enjoyment

    Dark Tower series -----> excellent
    The Gunslinger
    Drawing Of The Three
    The Wastelands
    Wizards and Glass
    Wolves Of The Calla---> best of the bunch
    Song Of Susanah
    The Dark Tower

    Standalone Novels
    Girl Loved Tom Gordon -great & underrated
    Eyes Of The Dragon -----> lame
    Joyland----> good
    The Stand--- > great
    The Talisman-->. So-so
    The Tommyknockers---->very good
    It----->AWESOME and among favorite books ever!!!

    Short story collections
    Skeleton Crew-----> great shorts
    Different seasons----> pretty good
    Nightmares and Dreamscapes---> so-so

    Total = 17
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  17. Tony Brady

    Tony Brady A farm boy with a sword

    I have read the dark tower series all the way up to wizard and glass. Now that I see your favorite one was wolves of the calla I am excited to get back into the series!
  18. Darth Tater

    Darth Tater Journeyed there and back again

    Well, just so you know, so that I don't mislead you, I don't think most people would agree with me. I looked around at different sites to see how most people ranked the books.

    I found that on the majority of lists people put the Song Of Susannah (book 6) at the bottom along with The Gunslinger
    (book 1).

    The top two on most lists seem to be The Wastelands (book 3) and Wizards and Glass (book 4).

    Wolves Of The Calla (book 5) seened to be around 4th or 5th on most lists. I thought there was a lot going on in that book and enjoyed the story most.

    I think my rankings from bet to worse

    1. Book 5 Wolves
    2. Book 3 Wasteland
    3. Book 4 Wizards
    4. Book 6 Susannah
    5.Book 7 Dark Tower
    6.Book 2 Drawing
    7. Book 1 Gunslinger

    Places numbers 4-6 on my list are interchangeable.

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