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Kevin O Donoghue

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I am not sure which heading to put this as it is just a general question/random thought. I have been wondering a bit about digital book sales relative to a physical book. Are there any publishers/authors that sell physical books and give a digital version with it? As opposed to just buying the digital version. In nearly all new movies that I buy I get a digital download code. If this system was used for books I would definitly buy more hardbacks, paperbacks instead of buying mostly digital. Even if it was just an extra one £,€ or $ I would like to have both versions.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this? There might even be something like this available that I am not aware of.

Matticus Primal

Journeyed there and back again
Amazon already does this for people who publish through them. If you buy the paperback, for instance, the author is able to set it so they also receive a digital copy for free (what I chose), for an extra dollar, or not at all. There's also probably some other price steps in there, but I don't really remember them.

It's actually kind of messed up that we give away the digital copies for free/ an extra dollar with the paperback. As in I get $2.70 for each digital copy I sell but only $.80 for every paperback, despite the paperback costing twice as much to the buyer. So, in effect, I'm giving away something worth $2.70 to someone who just paid me $.80.

And no, that's not exactly how it works since the digital copy doesn't actually cost me anything. But it does demonstrate in my mind how the publishing world still looks at pricing upside down.