New Brandon Sanderson Interview


Hired Nicomo Cosca, famed soldier of fortune
Just curious: Is it hard getting an interview with a popular (presumably busy) author such as Sanderson?
I love your 'storytellers are born, writers are made' axiom. Well said! It was a great pleasure listening to your interview, and the best way I could ever experience the podcast medium. Somehow I can't normally listen to anything other than music, and prefer reading text or watching videos for information gathering. Point being, I dislike podcasts and your Brandon Sanderson interview is the only one I've ever listened to the whole way through! The discussion of religion is a lot of fun. Differing views on religion and politics are what I enjoy best about Brandon Sanderson's books.

I've never been much for online forums in the past, but now I have a reason to join 'em. Sadly it's the one reason that's practically criminal, promoting my ebook! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! In this case though, there may be some relevance. I've taken up the cause of parodying Brandon Sanderson, perhaps as a lifetime goal. You might be interested even. I can't post the link here yet, but just Google "The Annoyomancer" and behold! If you want to interview me, it'll take 2 days to set up, not 2 years.:troll:

~Sarandon Branderson