New release Legend of Fire and Ice

Xaiver Morden

Possibly a Darkfriend
Hi Everyone!

I'm Xaiver Morden a new fantasy author. I' released my new fantasy ebook Legend of Fire and Ice - The Comet Appears.

The story:
The continent of Algaron has been at peace for the last century. However, folks of the world have been whispering about the Nozgold Empire, joining forces with the demon-worshipping nomads of the Southern grasslands, preparing to attack the free nations of the North.

Suddenly an ancient writing appears from the haze of time, containing the location of a weapon with an incredible power, even feared by the Demon Lords. A long-forgotten, ruthless goddess is waiting for her rebirth, which if happens, could mean a greater danger to the world than war.

A guardian captain and his companions find themselves in a series of events, that could decide not only the outcome of the upcoming war, but also the whole future of the continent…

This is a epic fantasy, sword and sorcery genre. I need some honest reviews. I will give free copy for a honest review on amazon.

I'm not a native english person, but the book is copy edited a american writer.
If anyone interest send me a e-mail here or the xaivermorden[at]gmail com