Nightwise by R.S Belcher


Became a Faceless Man
One of the better Dark Urban Fantasy books out there.

The good:
  • Borrows some new mythos and creates some fresh new ones of his own
  • Superb writing, with a depth of research that elevates the quality of the book
  • Dark, gritty and brutal, but well tempered with real emotional moments
The bad:
  • Too many "tough guy who walks alone " moments
I'd give it 8/10, pretty damn good.


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Great book. Very dark though, so definitely not for everyone. I liked the magic system and the mythology behind it. Main character is a bastard, you can't really sympathise with him, but his story is very cool. His relationship with his grandma is probably my favorite thing. I love old women and men characters in fantasy books.

One objection, the background of the main bad guy is probably the worst researched piece of real world information in this book. It's always cool when you have real life facts mix in with the mythology or magic, to create character's background. But Belcher completely failed on the real and to a lesser extent mythological part. Bosnia reference, the crime that kicks of the story and the motivation, his name, his ethnicity, his relationships, they are full of holes and contradictions. Anyone who did a 10 min google and wiki search could have done things more correctly, but on the other hand an average reader will probably be unaware of these issues. They really bugged me though, because to me they were glaring mistakes. If anyone is interested I can write why, but I won't concentrate on that now.
It just made me appreciate more when someone does really good research before they write the book. One shining example of that kind of attitude for me is Kevin Hearne.

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Thought you two might like to know, from the Goodreads page, from Belcher himself:
Yes, Laytham will be back in all his dysfunctional redneck glory! Tor Books has greenlit a sequel.
I begin work on it in the spring after I finish the third Golgotha series book, The Queen of Swords. The working title for the next Nightwise book is "Crystal Myth." I figure that if Tor has it by summer of 2016, it should be out sometime in 2017.

There we go starting another unfinished series. I swear all these "standalones" are just publishers testing the waters and seeing how it goes. If it sells, they produce more books.
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