Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman


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Reading this now. Will update when I finish.


Should be titled Norse Mythology 101. Basic introduction to Norse myth, written in a simple way. Probably a great read if you're 12 and into Marvel movies or comics, but for a reader that is already familiar with Norse myth, it's too little and simplistic.
There's little of Gaiman's originality here. He's restricted by the subject matter as well as the desire not to add or create his own story, but simply re-tell Norse myth. As such we are provided with neither a Gaiman's story (like American Gods), nor particularly a good introduction to this mythology, as Gaiman is no scholar.
I'll look forward to his next original work, as he is one of my favourite fiction writers, and he does best telling his own stories. But if I want a book on myth, I will look for more academic and accredited source.
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I never understood what that book is exactly. Is it like a history book about the mythology or is it a story dealing with the Norse gods and such?