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I am trying to remember books I read as a kid. Not sure if two books have became one in my brain or not.

Book 1 - A kid is transported to a fantasy world from the real world. He then grows up rather quickly in this fantasy world traveling all over, becoming a knight. What I know is that he becomes a knight and in this book knights go to certain places to guard territory. Any knight who passes may be challenged to a duel and you would get all his equipment, money and get to ransom him. The book is doing every fantasy genre cliche possible. Ride a dragon, meet a forest nymph etc.

Book 2 - I know a bit more about this book. The protagonist joins an army. In this army he joins a certain troupe that do a maneuver during battle that will get 99% of them killed. If they survive they receive an instant promotion, which the protagonist does. As part of his promotion he gets to meet the princess. The princess was known as a beauty all over the world, however she had something wrong with her that made her take fits that would see her become very aggressive. During one of these she had burned her face, thereby losing her beauty. Eventually the protagonist marries the princess, however she tries to kill him in his sleep during on of these fits. HE then journeys for a cure, finding something that grants wishes. He wishes for the princess to be cured of that that most ails her, assuming it would be her violent fits. Turns out she is shallow and it cures her burned skin instead.
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Thanks for the warning. I knew there was some good reason to avoid Gene Wolfe
You know, I thought The Book of the New Sun was awful, but I have read some of his short stories and they are not bad.