Open Apology to Europeans


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I know we don't do politics on BFB... or at least we try not to get bogged down in the kind of opinion flame wars that can easily poison online communities.

I've got to say to all the European folks on the board... Sorry. Sorry so many of my countrymen have swallowed a bunch of right wing scaremongering bullshit. Sorry both sides of the EU vote behaved just as badly as each other. Sorry that British people have become so divorced from our political process that "protest vote" seems valid until you wake up the next day and realise what you've done.
Sorry the worst side of my culture has been given equal media coverage to the better side. Sorry for the racism. Sorry for not appreciating our neighbours. Sorry to the many people in the UK from other countries. Sorry I didn't pound the streets more to campaign.

Strength comes from unity, not division. I'm English, living in Wales, married to a Scottish wife and with Welsh children. I'm as British as it comes. I'm also European. I'm very sorry that, as a nation, we've ballsed things up like this...

Maark Abbott

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Weer gunna m8k brittin gr8 agen wot u chatin abort m9 what I'd say if I was one of those right-wing sorts.

Silvion Night

Sir Readalot
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Meh. No need to apologize. It's a real shame for the unity in Europe (and I believe also for the British people in the long run, but that's debatable). Then again, it's not the end of the world. We'll soldier on together as we have for the last decades.


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Today I thought I'd see what kind of hit my 401k suffered... oh dear.

Oh well, you can't predict the future or what fickle voters might do. Too bad there's not a morning-after-pill for England.

Derk of Derkholm

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I feel with you ... both with those people in the UK who voted for "Remain" as for the foreigners living there (be they from Europe, from non-European countries, or born in Britain, but with a different look) who will now have a hard time with the racists who feel validated by the result and the rhetoric of the campaign.


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I don't get the reason for this thread. This sounds like some elitism bullshit just talking down to those who disagree with you which I've seen a lot of around here and I'm getting really tired of it. Seriously better side of media coverage...shutting down the other side. Who gets to decide but an arrogant prick of an elitist? Don't get wrong though. I agree that being united is important but I don't think blindly accepting everyone is the way to go about it. We need to know who are enemies really are.....I mean I'm not even European but I really do sympathize with the European people and what they are going through right now which is why this kind of thing ticks me off.

Silvion Night

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Please keep it civil.


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The people spoke. Don't apologise. If their perspective and voting decision was truly wrong and based entirely on 'right wing bullshit', you should educate them, forcibly if need be, to vote the 'right' way. That's how democracy works right?

Woe betide those with a different opinion or political perspective, however informed, educated, literate, cultured, or politically astute they may or may not be. Their benighted savagery demands a do-over, because they could never truly fathom what's in their best interests or the destiny of their country, and as such, their insular, short-sighted and egocentric myopia cannot be allowed to corrupt the true political will of the nation.

Rue Britannia, then, is it? Disappointing, and an elucidation that is a little disheartening. Change is good for progression and sloughing away the extraneous, the dilapidated. Imagine the possibilities Britain now has - silver lining and all that. Capitalise on a new opportunity, don't hand-wring and shame yourself or your countrymen because a slightly higher percentage sought a more independent sovereignty, whether they understood it in the same terms as you or not.

You Brits have done some magnificent and very altruistic things throughout the world - it need not all be right-wing bullshit OR post-imperial flagellation, and I'm sure that some form of EU bromance will continue should Article 50 actually get enacted and seen to completion.


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I did campaign on the streets to try and connect with people, point them at factual websites and the like (def. NOT the official websites of either side of the campaign). It fell on pretty deaf ears.
Like moonspawn they saw the status quo as some kind of elitist conspiracy to rebel against. That's what they were told it was after all.
Now not a single member of the Leave campaign has stuck around to see through the debacle they have caused and the extent of their lying and dissembling has become evident.
Anger and embarrassment at how this came about is not "Insular, short sighted and eogcentric myopis", it's justifiable sadness at what the media age has done to where I live. So I took to the forum because, across europe, are many people on this site whose opinions I have come to respect and I don't want them thinking I support idiots firebombing Polish peoples houses or dragging our economies through yet more uncertainty that we can ill afford.

I empathised with the problems of the people voting leave, but they were for the greater part domestic issues, not European. Housing? Domestic. Planning law? Domestic. Health Service? Domestic.
Number one UK web search after the result? What is the EU.

Some of the choice remarks I heard whilst trying to connect with my fellow Brits..
"Germany tried to rule us once, they failed then and they'll fail now."
"It's about the colour of people I trust."
"Well, we won the second world war without any help."

That's what I'm apologising for. That's what I want to distance myself from.