Origin of fantasy species?


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This thread is two parts, first to find out what you/we like as far as the authors creating an origin of the various races used in their books, there's a lot of worlds with multiple sentient races on them do you care why? Do you like or desire a big explanation of why they are there, or do you prefer to be in the dark as much as they are? Is creating an origin like telling people their personal belief system?

The other half is identifying origin stories in popular fantasy or sci-fi worlds. Books mostly. tv shows, movie series, and games are also good as long as they have a book series.

My contributions


Spelled out in the silmarillion and appendices, there is a creator, who orchestrates the creation of humans and elves with his angels, his version of Satan's creation was dwarves, giant spiders. God then sends mortal angels down in the form of wizards and eagles, Satan then mutates some angels into balrogs, and elves into orcs.

Confusing enough which is why I used common nomenclature from other religions.

Star Trek
They play with the origin a lot the most notable being that Vulcan s and Romulans are splits of the same race one choosing to focus on logic, the other embracing emotion. In one episode they reveal that all bipedal lifeforms in the alpha quadrant descend from one single species from one planet.


The old gods are a space faring race that stops by and creates slann, elves, lizardmen, ogres, human, dwarfs, halflings. Then leave. They left behind their warpstones which bleed toxic magic mutating local sentient beings creating beastmen , dark elves, skaven, and others the fabric of the universe rip open and the gods of chaos bleed through for the other armies of chaos (stolen idea)

Michael Moorcock

Warhammer stole the Moorcock chaos dimension and it's bleed over to the world, and its effect on the populous, so just read that...or is it homage?

World of Warcraft

This one's long. So I kept it chronological

Trolls, potentially the oldest native sentient race to Azeroth, Tauren and Pandarians might be as old or older, both have stories going back pretty far (to the origin of elves)

Stone people big and small. An old space faring race travels around setting up organized life in the form of stone computers.

Insectoids, (silithids, nebruakians, and others) the old gods (lovecraftian like chtunn, and yogg saron) land azeroth, and create the intecoids in their image, while infecting the stone people with a stone to flesh virus.

Small stone people turn into troggs, but eventually dwarves and large stone people turn to giants.

Elves evolve from trolls....

The burning legion burns across the universe and the draenai flee to draenor, home of orcs and ogres.

The upper and lower class of elves split into two distinct races, nightvelves and high elves.

Humans evolve from giants

Some high elves evolve into those evil mermaid people. Others become magic addicts becoming blood elves (high elves still exist)

Ogres draenai, and orcs all flee to Azeroth.

Furbolgs , walrus people, and centers all evolve from local fauna.

Forsaken are freed undead.

Werewolves are created by trying to defend their land from forsaken.

Goblins, I don't know.

Babylon 5

Long complicated and a major spoiler.