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So I came across this blog post by Patrick Rothfuss:

Judging by the post, he is suffering from depression. I feel a bit sorry now for being so critical of him not finishing his series. It seems he is in a dark spot and has been for some time.

What is it with authors that tends to trigger depression? Is it very prevalent among this group of people or am I seeing things?


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Eh, at this point I'm not waiting for the book at all. If it comes, I'll probably read it and reread the the previous books in the process, if not, I won't. Same with Winds Of Winter. It's a shame, but shit happens.

With regard to depression, I think most creative types are at least predisposed to it. There are studies that link depression and creativity. Supposedly, the very qualities that make people artistically inclined, make them more susceptible to the effects of depression, anxiety disorders. I'm sure there's a decent amount of research on that.


Journeyed there and back again
I’m not sure when that third book will come out. I do hope it comes out at some point. Hope Pat feels better. I’m 46 and I still have my parents and two grandmothers! Couldn’t imagine not having my parents right now. Don’t want to think about losing family.


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There does seem to be some links between creativity and mental illness in various forms. Added to that, writing can be a very solitary task, leaving you spending hours on your own, inside your own head. Added to that, you inevitably put so much of your self-worth into your work, rejection or negative reception can have a big impact on someone already struggling with their mental wellbeing.

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I feel bad for him if he’s suffering from depression, I tend to stay away from writers personal blogs. I’m a conservative and it seems nearly every writer I’ve come across with an active blog seems to be a liberal or socialist. I don’t mind other viewpoints, however I’ll start to notice their views seep into their fiction. (Maybe it’s all in my head?)

I don’t like political correctness in my fiction, I just want to read a good story.