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  1. Sneaky Burrito

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    Meanwhile, today I have put more than 20 eye drops in a cat's eyes (Mr. Kitty, the orange tabby), given him two pills, gotten scratched in the face and chest by the kitten, and am paying $500+ for Mr. Kitty to have surgery on one of his eyes tomorrow and, although I wish he was healthier, I wouldn't trade any of my cats for anything.
  2. Silvion Night

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    Sorry man, that just tickled my funny-bone.

    As to your problem: I feel you. I have got two cats, a white piebald female one and a black male (who is the offspring of the white one). The white one used to be really sweet in the first 2 years or so. Sit on my lap all day, always coming up to me to be petted and such. Then, some time after she threw a 4 kitten litter (of which the black cat was one) we had her sterilized (neutered). After that everything changed. I was there when my cat woke up from her anesthesia and somehow she now links the pain and confusion with me. She's lovely with my wife, but she is super scared of me. The worst thing is that she slowly but surely now infected her son. Now they're both scared. They run away when I enter the room, they don't allow me to pet them. It's as if they're traumatized. The worst thing is that I've never done them a bad deal in all their lives. I feed them, am always gentle, never raise my voice. It may sound silly, but it somehow feels like a betrayal.

    So there you have it: my cats hate me. I love cats. I just don't love my cats anymore, as I get nothing out of our relationship except for scratches when I try to pet them. Oh well, I just see it as 1 more cross to bear.
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    Link in English:
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    I got myself a new dog yesterday. We've called him Woody

  5. Silvion Night

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    I can already picture you walking him around the block on his little leash.

    It'd be awesome if you could convince your daughter it is an actual dog. She's 2. She'll never know. Imagine her walking the new dog around the block. Scarred for life.
  6. TomTB

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    She's actually petrified of Dogs for some reason .. maybe this could be some kind of training aid :)
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    Sorry for bringing this thread back again as I didn't want to create a duplicate thread for my pooch. Everyone, this is Copper he is my travel buddy. I love to bring him along wherever I go and to be honest, it really is a struggle for me to remove the fur that he usually leaves in my car. I tried a blanket but it didn't work very well so I got a dog car seat cover instead and so far it's working better than the blanket was. Now I can say that I am experiencing a convenient and hassle-free joy ride with my Pomeranian.

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  8. kenubrion

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    Cute puppy, marge
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    Thanks @kenubrion, you also have a good looking puppy on your profile photo. Is that a Labrador Retriever?
  10. kenubrion

    kenubrion Journeyed there and back again

    marge, she is a white golden retriever.

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