Pierce Brown Working On New Trilogy; Iron Gold

Ser Pounce

Journeyed there and back again
Pierce Brown, author of the Red Rising trilogy, is planning a new trilogy that takes place after the events of Morning Star. Super excited for this.


Brown begins another three-part epic next year with Iron Gold, which expands on the cosmic saga of a multi-class struggle on Mars, he tells USA TODAY exclusively.
The new trilogy takes place after the end of Morning Star (Del Rey) and will center on the consequences of the hero’s actions as well as on those folks now living and growing up in a landscape that’s had its ruling order shattered.


Possibly a Darkfriend
I am really excited about this too!
When I finished the Red Rising Trilogy...I picked it up and read it all over again! lol

I've been hoping he would continue in this world and get a little deeper. Would love to see a book about the Obsedian's too or the Old Iron Golds