Please help me find the name of the book


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About ten years ago i read the book in fantasy genre. The book was on russian language but i guess it doesnt matter. It contained two part story. So here is what i do remember. First story was about a son of wealthy trader. He supose to travel to a different land far from his homeland to establish some new trade route. He was acompanied by some sort of mage i guess. The mage should provide the defence and hepl them on their journey. When they reached the land, the son found his love there and bring her home and had a daughter with her. I also remember the daughter had a marmot as a pet and when some sort of plague happened her last dying word was marmot. Thats it from the first story. The second story is about the sister of the hero from the first one. She was a sort of amazonian kickass warrior and she was lesbian. The rest of the plot i do not remember except that all that happened to her during it was just a kind of dream. So... Would anyone be so kind and help me find the name of the book. Thank you. And please do excuse my not so good english. Good bye.
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Haven't got a clue I'm afraid. The amazonian lesbian warrior thing reminds me a little bit of a dream I had last week though ..