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hey there everyone.i read a book alt ten years .in latrago that iv bee n e to fubd.herr is all i rememberbout book an australian womanu on holidayat stonehenge gets sent through to the past. book also involves re incarnation. eg she meets her bros past self.latr books she goes to spoace and othrr.worlds. i apologiseforr grammer andspellibng


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Man, your spelling and punctuation is indeed abysmal, to the point it renders your sentences all but illegible...
Anyway, I think the books you're looking for the ones of the connected Ancient Future trilogy and the Celestial Triad series by Traci Harding.


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I think the books you're looking
Do you think he's still looking 3 years after he posted that? And by the quality of his post this is clearly spam which you are replying to.

This is a necroposting at its worse. And you haven't done it here only, but you resurrected a one more thread from 2013 and one from 2012.
Please check how old the post is before you decide to respond to it. You can always see the date in this corner.


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