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So, I've never read any of the Potter books or seen the movies however, I do have an annual pass to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure Florida. Have any of you been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Its pretty awesome. They are building a second part in Studios that will connect to the WWOHP via train. The 9/16 train or whatever (again never read it/seen it). You can get butterbeer (not that great), wands, owls, brooms, etc. there.

I'm thinking about reading the books...they aren't really my thing but I feel like I would be able to connect to the parks better. Anything I should know about the books?


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books are good :D i read them and really liked them. i was a bit older then the characters and so didn't 'grow' up with them and some of their teenage stuff annoys me. The books are much better then the movies because they have more cool fantasy action stuff. Books start off pretty light and get progressively darker. Have fun!


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I liked the books as well. Danica's absolutely right, they start off pretty light fare and progress to some pretty dark places in the later books.

They're allot of fun, nothing to take too seriously, you can get through them pretty quickly, the characters are well written, the plot and world are well put together. Don't expect anything mind blowing and you'll find them worth your time to read.


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t read the books,
but I have to wonder what kind of Butterbeer it is, theres seems to be dozens of recipes out there, and some of them are extremely different