Prince of Thorns would make a better videogame

Should Prince of Thorns be adapted into a videogame

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Ready for some more Prince of Thorns bashing? No, not really. Jorg would go around with a band of thugs, killing people, and trying to become king. That's what he did in the book. Isn't it? I know it's more complex than that, but I can't think of specifics right now. Anyways the rating would obviously be M for mature. No room for argument there. The premise of Thorns is completely ridiculous and juvenile, but in a videogame this kind of thing could really work.

So far I imagine that this post has raised some eyebrows, but that brings me to my last point. More fantasy books should be adapted into videogames. Some of the most popular videogame franchises are fantasy - Final Fantasy, Zelda, Fire Emblem, etc. The translation is perfect. I heard that a videogame version of Mistborn is in the works. Are they doing this with very many other fantasy books? I don't know. I don't keep track of newer videogames coming out or any of that junk. Just a thought.


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I think Malazan missed its calling as a videogame.

I don't know if this is going to seem like I'm moving into Malazan bashing, but I'm really not. The videogame medium would mitigate most of the problems that people have with Malazan. You can feed people huge amounts of information in a videogame, and they will pick a lot of it up without realizing that they are learning it. This fits the style of Malazan a lot better than than text, whose equivalent of dripping details is 'mention something and then don't explain it for potentially thousands of pages.' And as for the problem of characters, even unsympathetic characters can become sympathetic through the added component of interaction.

If the videogame substituted for the books themselves, you would play through the various stories of major characters (you obviously couldn't have AS MANY as the books, but you could have several), either straight through or changing between 'chapters.' Suikoden 3, Romancing SaGa, and probably a few other games have already used this style of gameplay. Or if you were using it to supplement the books, you'd play the entire campaign as one character (possibly created), whose stories would kind of intersect at points with various scenes in the books. Not necessarily changing the scenes themselves, but just having them there (like, say, present and 'near' the protagonists
during the battle at Coral where Kallor kills freaking everybody.)
Lot of potential for moments like that, since Malazan features approximately 50000000 chances to be in battles, and has perhaps even too many characters for its own good. A lot of them had stories that weren't explored at all, and you could also do that with a game.

It would work well as an action RPG, although it could probably swing strategy RPG as well (and it would also be cheaper, if we are concerned with the practicality of this completely made up idea).

I dunno if you're big on the videogame bandwagon or not, but I think it would work rather well.


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I'm not big on the videogame thing, but if they made a Malazan computer game I'd play it (I don't own a gaming console) if it was any good. If the programmers chose to focus on just the battles they could make it an RTS or they could just make it a turn based strategy game. The cool thing about adapting Malazan to the videogame world is they could do anything they wanted with it.

The issue with making into RPG is that the game would likely be too big. What programmer wants to adapt hours and hours of complex plot into a videogame? That would be insane considering the heavy amount of dialogue and litany of characters involved. Sure, they can skip a lot, but there is still too much happening to fully understand. It would only work if they completely reinvented the plot or if they just focused on the most important plot points like chain of dogs or Darujistan and ignored the rest. There is simply too much "there." It wouldn't take long for the programmers to become overwhelmed with monstrosity of their ambitious task. I can only imagine how difficult it would be. There is a reason Malazan is never going to be accurately portrayed in any movie/videogame. I'd prefer not to play with blaspheme. However, I think it would be awesome if Malazan was turned into a good videogame.


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i'd totes play a video game version, if it was on PC :p. I would not play a Malazan one, for the same reason i'm yet to finish the series (DO NOT TELL ME HOW GREAT IT IS).

I am yet to finish the series, downloaded the sample and loved it! so i will happen someday soon, but i think it would ALL translate well to a video game.


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So what other fantasy books would make good videogames besides the one's mentioned here?

Lev Daert

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Was reading through king of thorns and it struck me that the storyline is kind of set up as a bunch of quests,
so yes, might work well as a video game. more fighting than in the novel though. and a decent levelling system.

other novels that would work well as videogames, heroes die:p
not the storyline maybe, but definitely the concepts, hell the overworld concept is almost like playing video games:p

and mistborn, so I'm anxiously awaiting new from Mistborn: Birthright, stalled untill 2015 I heard somewhere??


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I haven't read heroes die yet. My library system hardly as any of his books except for new ones so it will probably be a while before I start that series which sucks since I really want to read it. There's a bookstore in my town though which has a lot of used and out of print books so they might have want I'm looking for.