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Good god. I gave up reading properly after about the fourth comment and skipped to some of the banter later down.
Somebody had their crazy flakes for breakfast didn't they?
Maybe there should be an 11th commandment above of "...except when one is acting as the Troll or being weighed upon by other Trolls, in which case more fooleth you." and Stephen should tape that next to his monitor.


Journeyed there and back again
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Check this out: a self-published writer goes completely off road after reading a review of his book.
Oh my God, I've been hypnotised by this comments thread. Like @wakarimasen, I skipped most of the initial author comments (full of quotes from his own book) until others started chiming in. Then, I did quickly skim through many of the author comments just to get the gist of each post. Mostly the same: how he'd not unhappy about someone not liking his book, rather how he wants the reviewer to support some of his comments on the craftsmanship of the author's prose with facts; how the discussion has moved away from criticism of his work, and into the science of actual literary criticism, which the reviewer hasn't applied properly; yaddah yaddah yaddah.

He just doesn't seem to understand that the issue has shifted beyond his work, and into the realm of human characteristics that people desire to see in an individual. Namely, the grace to let things go, and equanimity of spirit. His only recourse (marginal, at best) for flogging this horse is to prove that "look, this sinew is actually here when you said it was there; the colour of the blood was redder than you made it out to be," and this space he thinks he possesses, this elbow room to continue his rhetorical arguments, is rapidly constricting him as time goes on (as more comments are posted) until it starts to devolve into just another, banal comments section fight. It's both hilarious and pathetic.

Some of those comments baiting him are great, and he's the proverbial glutton for punishment.

I'm sharing this. I haven't even looked at the second link yet.
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Journeyed there and back again
A bit scary. Poor person.